Pure healthy movement in the horse involves the entire horse, his entire body is involved in the sequence.  Watching a healthy body, one that has no restrictions shows us how soft the neck can be especially close to the shoulder blade and can also show us the full range of movement and engagement of the head and neck as part of the entire movement. Show us the connections that exist between all parts of the body. It is extremely difficult to find really good examples of a released neck, as, as soon as we

put lead rope on a horse and tension is introduced changes begin to the pattern and to the horses complete ease and release.  It is this we need to strive to protect in our interaction with our horses.





Watching the head and neck shows how the head and neck go through multiple changes.  We choose this specific clip, as this young foal with startling blue eyes in a chocolate frame, as he approaches, makes it a little easier to see those moments that we can see not only the head and neck bob up and down, but how each leg advances that we see the head and neck lift to a different side of the body.  A bob that goes from left to right.





Creating almost a figure eight movement.  While may riders know to follow the up and down head nod that happens at the walk through their hands, it is the right and left movement gets left behind.  This particular aspect of following the movement 

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