Quantum Physics

The reality that we play with, that we do not understand.


So in effect, this is saying that depending on which monkey you are, changes your reality, changes what you see and what causes an event to happen. Is that what this is saying? Perspective always means everything to the reality that you are in.

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When we look at the concepts of waves and particles through the double slit experiment we see that the particle, that the observed measurable reality chosen has a distinct existence yet at the same time, when we look at multiple particles we come to realize based on the final pattern that they were all influenced as if there were all put under the effect of a wave effect.  Since the wave effect is all possibilities that means the end result was influenced by all possibilities.  We may have a distinct measurable result at the end, but that result would not have happened in the way that it happened if it was not influenced.  Influenced in this case by all possible realities.  

Are we too in some way influenced by all possibilities?  Are our final choices influenced by the light and the dark, by that we see and that we don't see?

Wave functions - Pure Possibility

A Collapse of Different Realities -  Observation Collapsing the Realities Availability



Wrap your mind around the physics of quantum mechanics and you might believe in a mischevious god, one who is not above being absurd and even laughing at himself.

Studies have shown that when you observe you create a reality from the universe. If you haven't already check out the double slit experiment.

What can be even more ludicrous is that this change can happen whether you observe before it goes through the slit or afterwards.  Think about that how incredible that is.  If you observe after the event you changed the results.

Take it a step further and observe after the physical results and you get the same results as if observed before the event.

Take it a step further than that and if observe after the results and then destroy the observations you get the same results as if you had never observed to start with.  This is referred to as the quantum eraser.  Either the universe knew what was going to happen in the future that first of all you would observe and then you would destroy the knowledge of those observations, or was it that the universe went back in time and redid its results first of all giving you the results of being observed and then going back a second time going ohhh you undid the observations let me fix the final results then.

Delightful, and humourous it is as if the universe is encouraging us to laugh at ourselves and the universe itself.  

Delight because the universe is always ready to surprise us.  

Quantum mechanics challenges those who were once considered the most prosaic of men.  Physicists who thought 1 plus 1 would always equal 2.  Quantum mechanics asks us in some ways to suspend belief and challenge us in a very fundamental way and have our own prosaic scientists questioning what is reality?