♕ Instructor Level 2 ~ Mentoring the Rider ~ In Development

The rewards in becoming a Kjrsos Instructor can be very humbling.  Seeing the changes in the horses is rewarding yet it can be troubling knowing you can only reach so many horses.  

We support our instructors with ongoing training, including training that is not included in the Kjrsos Programs and Courses.   The Kjrsos Programs focus on what is healthy for the horse.  In the courses for Instructors, we begin an entirely new field of study where discuss how to recognize issues, how these effect the horse and possible solutions to those issues.  This is an area that we will be continually updating with new content.  

Once you are accredited as a Level 2 Instructor look forward to ongoing available sources for education.  We cover many subjects not covered in the regular Kjrsos course, including studying many of the notable trainers and instructors of the past and various training programs.  We expect intense discussion and debate as we pour over the many different riders of the past and hope through this all of our knowledge will grow.  We don't cover this in our regular course, as Kjrsos is focused on presenting how to achieve healthy and advanced movement in the horse.  We leave this study to advanced riders who have completed the body of work that is Kjrsos.  Once we understand how and what works best for the horse, it provides us with the tools to better evaluate other processes.  Traditional and otherwise.

I have struggled for years frustratingly with the inability to put knowledge and concepts onto paper - when there is no audience in place. It seems that without someone or some event to trip for the words, the information – the knowledge remains locked up inside.


It frustratingly seems impossible for me to share my knowledge, no matter how much I want to unless I am in teacher mode.   Which I am sure you can understand is extremely frustrating for someone who has made part of their living as an editor and writer.


But put me in front of a horse and rider and within moments, the floodgates open. It appears that when I am in teacher mode, I have no choice, no forethought in opening these floodgates, can do nothing but experience this flow of information that comes out without forethought, so many thoughts, ideas, words that come tumbling out so fast and in such great quantity that it is almost impossible to grasp all of them at once. It can give me enough material that I can go on literally for hours.  Ask any of my students who I am sure will laugh at this description especially in the ability to go on for hours! Too much information for any one rider to take in at one time.  This is consistent from lesson to lesson, and just to save my sanity and the sanity of my riders, I make it a point on not watching the rider and horse combination working together, literally turning my back on the arena until just moments before I am ready to teach.  Then I turn and it happens. 


From within me there is a feeling such an incredible need in that moment to share it all before it disappears from the unknown ether where it came from.  But this comes not from me, it is the rider or something that I see in this unique moment that they need and therefore it creates,  or perhaps a better way to phrase it, trips this gate that instantaneously opens and this deluge comes crashing out.   It is not that I  control these floodgates because it is not something I can do without the student.  It actually seems as if  it is the student is the one who is in charge.


The previous statement of a flow of information would almost make it seem as if this is a one-way street from teacher to student and nothing is further from the truth. I would conjecture


How it is our responsibility to raise the consciousness of our Riders so that they can match our influence on the horse.

This is the premier skill required by the instructor.  We can see everything the rider does in the body of the horse.

In the end what is the horse, and why do we so desired a relationship with him, either on or off the horse.  I suspect because we know.  We know that the horse is a path, a mental, physical, spiritual path to health.  Some see horsemanship as a direct path to being able to ride the horse.  As rich as the detail and the knowledge becomes, I see a direct path of learning how to rider, being a direct path to something else.  Others have seen it as well.  Instructors who have spoken of how we become better people.  Which usually means kinder, maybe more responsible.  That is but a glimpse of the path that horses take us on.  

We teach the horse is more than a tool.

We teach that he has his own consciousness which we encourage you to talk to, to communicate with.

We teach that he has his own voice.  A voice that is valuable to hear.

We begin with physically teaching you to be more and more sensitive to this physical interaction between horse and human, but then begin to speak about feeling for that interaction.

Physical sensitivity that has to become sensitive to the energies in both human and horse and how the two combine.

We take you out of your body into his.

We teach to focus so that nothing else intrudes except your awareness of this moment in time.

We teach you that you no longer exist other than thought and only the horse's body continues.

Perhaps you begin to see the path.

What others do with meditation, yoga, and other spiritual exercises we do with the horse.

Through the process a different, more mature, kinder human being who is more self aware that he was ever before.  

As we begin to open up, this is where the universe will begin to surprise us.

Once upon a time, there was a single cell, alive, that could move, could feed.  That voluntarily joined with other single cells and became .. us.

New neural pathways are always being developed in the universe, networks of life that voluntarily joined together.  

You need to decide if you are ready for that message.  I am not sure any of us are yet.

Mind you perhaps it has already begun as the internet brings like-minded souls together.

But in the meanwhile our job is to help the rider.

To become a better rider.

Which will only happen if the horse is willing to give leadership freely over.

Which means that the rider has to become a person worthy of that , demonstrating character and knowledge which will only come when they become more consciously aware of this soul that we call a horse.

As a mentor, your job is about a lot more than just riding, it is an opportunity to have another soul evolve together with yours and all life that surrounds us.


The light in me bows to the light in you.


From the Chosen One Series on How We Can Change the Parameter of Our Relationship in a New and Fundamental Way.  The Choosing of Us