♙Instructor Intro Level 1 ~ Kjrsos Apprentice Instructor ~ In Development

You have completed the Genesis Foundation and Changing Directions Field of Studies and you want to help other riders.  Yes you are just beginning your journey and you know you have a long way to go, but it is just these basics that many riders struggle with.  If this foundation, this base is incorrect, so much more with be of issue.  You might not be ready to be an instructor, but eyes on the ground who know what to look for can be invaluable to both horse and rider.  If you know that one day you want to become a full-fledged Kjrsos instructor, consider starting out by becoming a Kjersos Guide.  

Bringing health back into the horse's body, there can be no greater reward.

Your studies as an Kjrsos Apprentice Guide will be augmented with additional courses on teaching and you become part of a community that are bound together, by their love of their horse, supporting each other, excited about becoming part of a community that is looking to build more and more resources as well as adding to the body of the work that is equestrian knowledge that is available today.

To become a teacher in the work of Kjrsos is to in reality become a facilitator.  Easing the way.  We try to make it easier for the human and we try to make it easier for the horse.  But more than that, we help to make sure both spirits are heard.  Just as important as it is to make sure that the horse's voice is heard is to make sure that the spirit of the rider is being given a voice as well.  We have to be careful as instructors in our honest efforts to help the horse that we don't forget about the spirit of the one who came with the horse. Harder, I think to harder to hear their spirit then it is to hear and acknowledge the voice of the horse.  Sadly, I think this is true for all us.



1. To make easy or easier

2. To lead a discussion, mediate, or ensuring that all participants' views are heard.

 We undervalue the spirit of the person, of the one who comes to work with the horse if we perceive ourselves other than just facilitating between two souls that have their own voices, their own journey and their own wisdom.

Prerequisites:   The Foundation of Riding  Must Currently Be Enrolled or have completed Kjrsos Dressage Course - For the Horse


Kjrsos Field of Study |  The Foundation of Riding

Enrolled concurrently or Completed:

Kjrsos Field of Study |  Healthy Movement of the Centaur



As Instructors our Riders Look to Us on How to Take Care of the Horse from the fit of the saddle or bridle, to the general health of the horse.