Thank you to Kjrsos - to the Horses, Our Teachers.

There is a serious need for instructors who know how to protect the horses from the beginning, who know the need for ensuring that our relationship with the horse comes first. Because of this very real need we have made the choice to start our instructor accreditation with what we refer to as a tutoring or guide level.  An expectation that the rider is being given assistance instead of instruction.  A guide to point them in the right direction.

If you like us believe that we must protect the body of the horse, that we need to protect the voice, the essence and spirit of the horse, then please consider becoming an instructor. The need is extreme, a need for instructors not that know how to do a piaffe, or how to compete at the Olympic Level, but know and understand the basic principles that protect the body of the horse.  That understand the rules that protect the horse, that help the basics that everything else is based on.  The horses, the riders need you.  Even if you only follow the basics as presented in 'The Foundation Course' you can do so much good.

We are here to support every instructor, in every way we can. Anyone considering becoming an instructor know that we will be here for you. You won't be on your own.

To begin with..

All courses can be done in several ways.

1. Audit.  No tests, the information is there for you to use at your own speed and to use as reference material in the future.  Your own online resource center.

2. Test.  Test more than once, get new feedback every time!

3. Test towards becoming qualified towards the Instructor Training Program.

4. Mentorship Program.  One on one, for those want the support of having someone who can guide them through the process, share of their own knowledge and experiences, help inspire you on your own quest for knowledge and wisdom with the horse. This program intensive has only a few limited spaces open at any one time, if at all.  This is us making a commitment to you, that is going to take up time and resources far beyond a simple commitment to be there for an hour a week, which is why there is so limited a number of spaces available.  Over time as instructors become accredited we hope to expand this program even more.  Please note the mentorship program is offered ONLY to riders who have signed on to our Commitment Program.  Our commitment program includes a commitment to the Kjersos Principles, a commitment to sharing and inspiring others, to building up the knowledge and resource base available for other riders which includes giving your permission to Kjersos to utilize all material of your interaction with the Kjersos website, with all Kjersos Guides and Instructors, including quotes, text, images and video for the continued advancement of knowledge and inspiration to others. Since time is our most precious commodity, any time taken away from preparing future material for additional programs and courses is a cost too dear to use without the possibility that knowledge is being returned to this incredible resource center.  If interested in our mentorship program register to contact us.

What you need to know about the commitment that is required to become a Kjrsos Instructor

In discussion, we explore concept and ideas with an open mind and an open heart, seeing what new things we can learn together, and add to the world body of knowledge on horses and our work with them. Developing future material for the site.

A weekly question that we ask the riders to contribute to the discussion.  Only available for the week, but might be returned to again in the future.  Published every... Thursday?

You have completed the Genesis Foundation and Changing Directions Field of Studies and you want to help other riders.  Yes you are just beginning your journey and you know you have a long way to go, but it is just these basics that many riders struggle with.  If this foundation, this base is incorrect, so much more with be of issue.  You might not be ready to be an instructor, but eyes on the ground who know what to look for can be invaluable to both horse and rider.  If you know that one day you want to become a full-fledged Kjrsos instructor, consider starting out by becoming a Kjersos Guide.  

Bringing health back into the horse's body, there can be no greater reward.

Your studies as an Kjrsos Apprentice Guide will be augmented with additional courses on teaching and you become part of a community that are bound together, by their love of their horse, supporting each other, excited about becoming part of a community that is looking to build more and more resources as well as adding to the body of the work that is equestrian knowledge that is available today.

As Instructors our Riders Look to Us on How to Take Care of the Horse from the fit of the saddle or bridle, to the general health of the horse.  

The rewards in becoming a Kjrsos Instructor can be very humbling.  Seeing the changes in the horses is rewarding yet it can be troubling knowing you can only reach so many horses.  

We support our instructors with ongoing training, including training that is not included in the Kjrsos Programs and Courses.   The Kjrsos Programs focus on what is healthy for the horse.  In the courses for Instructors, we begin an entirely new field of study where discuss how to recognize issues, how these effect the horse and possible solutions to those issues.  This is an area that we will be continually updating with new content.  

Once you are accredited as a Level 2 Instructor look forward to ongoing available sources for education.  We cover many subjects not covered in the regular Kjrsos course, including studying many of the notable trainers and instructors of the past and various training programs.  We expect intense discussion and debate as we pour over the many different riders of the past and hope through this all of our knowledge will grow.  We don't cover this in our regular course, as Kjrsos is focused on presenting how to achieve healthy and advanced movement in the horse.  We leave this study to advanced riders who have completed the body of work that is Kjrsos.  Once we understand how and what works best for the horse, it provides us with the tools to better evaluate other processes.  Traditional and otherwise.

How it is our responsibility to raise the consciousness of our Riders so that they can match our influence on the horse.

This is the premier skill required by the instructor.  We can see everything the rider does in the body of the horse.

In the end what is the horse, and why do we so desired a relationship with him, either on or off the horse.  I suspect because we know.  We know that the horse is a path, a mental, physical, spiritual path to health.  Some see horsemanship as a direct path to being able to ride the horse.  As rich as the detail and the knowledge becomes, I see a direct path of learning how to rider, being a direct path to something else.  Others have seen it as well.  Instructors who have spoken of how we become better people.  Which usually means kinder, maybe more responsible.  That is but a glimpse of the path that horses take us on.  

We teach the horse is more than a tool.

We teach that he has his own consciousness which we encourage you to talk to, to communicate with.

We teach that he has his own voice.  A voice that is valuable to hear.

We begin with physically teaching you to be more and more sensitive to this physical interaction between horse and human, but then begin to speak about feeling for that interaction.

Physical sensitivity that has to become sensitive to the energies in both human and horse and how the two combine.

We take you out of your body into his.

We teach to focus so that nothing else intrudes except your awareness of this moment in time.

We teach you that you no longer exist other than thought and only the horse's body continues.

Perhaps you begin to see the path.

What others do with meditation, yoga, and other spiritual exercises we do with the horse.

Through the process a different, more mature, kinder human being who is more self aware that he was ever before.  

As we begin to open up, this is where the universe will begin to surprise us.

Once upon a time, there was a single cell, alive, that could move, could feed.  That voluntarily joined with other single cells and became .. us.

New neural pathways are always being developed in the universe, networks of life that voluntarily joined together.  

You need to decide if you are ready for that message.  I am not sure any of us are yet.

Mind you perhaps it has already begun as the internet brings like-minded souls together.

But in the meanwhile our job is to help the rider.

To become a better rider.

Which will only happen if the horse is willing to give leadership freely over.

Which means that the rider has to become a person worthy of that , demonstrating character and knowledge which will only come when they become more consciously aware of this soul that we call a horse.

As a mentor, your job is about a lot more than just riding, it is an opportunity to have another soul evolve together with yours and all life that surrounds us.


The light in me bows to the light in you.


From the Chosen One Series on How We Can Change the Parameter of Our Relationship in a New and Fundamental Way.  The Choosing of Us

This is the beginning of the next level of your equestrian journey, where you begin to help the teachers, both human and horse. We have no mastery level here at Kjrsos as we consider only one being as having the truths that we need to learn and that is the horse. It would be hubris to suggest that we, any of us humans are masters.  Thus we have chosen to call no man or woman master.  We realize that master is a signal of respect for someone who has so much knowledge to impart to us. But to give any system - any human - the term master, indicates that we cannot question, cannot search for what doesn't work or what might work better.  Even here at Kjrsos, especially here.  We hope that in all of our hearts we can always be humble and remain a student of the horse, knowing and understanding we all have so much more to learn.  In establishing Kjrsos our hope is that we have developed a model that understandably is ever changing, ever evolving, while we stay true to our roots and our principles.  My fondest personal wish is that we can establish a community to take on this task of evolution who will tread carefully and consciously onwards, long after I am gone. I would love to be here to keep learning from all of you. Human and horse.  Considering the amazing things I have been shown, I know there is no way for me to even begin to imagine what you will be shown next.  

The Light in me bows to the light in you.

Throughout the pages and the ethos of Kjersos, you will note we don't usually speak to the individual.  We talk about concepts, ideas, teachings because we are here to support everyone on their journey, not to take this moment to sit in judgement on their own journey.  We can learn a new idea from someone who we completely disagree with, they can bring value, new teachings into our lives.  So we talk about the idea, discuss the value this might be to the horse, or perhaps it is something that you need to be aware of because of the possible damage to the horse.  But we don't attach to that awareness of the possible harm to the horse an attack on the individual.  Whatever they do, as a spirit they are of value as well.  And we support their spirits, their growth, their experiences as ones hopefully of potential.  I can not like what you do, but still, care for who you are.  That is a difficult task.  Easy to say to a child we love, but so much more difficult with those who we don't know.  Any time we connect damage to another it is so difficult in that empathy not to care, not to weep and not to be angry with a universe that allowed it to happen and in turn not to send our negative thoughts and energy to the one that we perceive as perpetuating those events.  Which is why we made the conscious choice to cover knowledge, not people.  But it can be helpful to see the effect of how one thing we might end up doing as a rider that we might perceive as being positive has a negative effect somewhere else.  It can be valuable to see the whole.  To see how it all works together.  Hence this section on system analysis.  It is our hope that because we can do so in a kind way that always respects and cares for the one who we are speaking of and that as we analyze and in a way sit in judgement, that we can look at the what and not attach our thoughts to the who, to the spirit of the one that needs your support as much as you needed the support and the lessons of the horse to find your way.

We stand for the horse.  We stand with respect for life and all its wonders.  We cannot have a closed view that we are here only for those who are talking the courses of Kjersos.  We have to understand that we need to do more than that.  That our responsibilities extend far further.  We need to mentor, develop programs, develop material that reaches out.  That tries to make a difference in this community in the consciousness that connects all of us.