Kjrsos Course | The Sliding Stop

While the horse held in readiness of halt within movement is one of the most effective concepts encouraging Dynmakou a state of Dynamic Potential, the sliding stop is, unfortunately, the antithesis of potential.  The commitment of the sliding stop means that within those moments there are no other possibilities.  The horse in the slide is in complete commitment, there is no other place he can be and so under that definition, there is no collection in the sliding stop.   There is no potential resting in the body of horse, no other possibilities exist.  

The Principles of Kjrsos, our Foundational Principles are based on helping our horses to become stronger better able to carry more and more weight on the hindquarters.  We go through in detail about the different levels of balance and how important this is and how important it is that we don't overburden front legs that are not built to stand excessive weight and yet in the sliding stop no matter how far the hind legs curl under the horse is not about increased weight on the back end.  The horse to protect hock and concussion on tendons exposed just under the skin, think your elbows or knees doing the same as there are no layers of fat to cushion the force of this action, will look elsewhere to support his weight.  And if his hind legs need protection what is left are his front legs.  The more the head and neck are ahead of the vertical, the lower the horse brings his head to the ground, what might look like release or relaxation to the neck to you, exposes a horse that is extending even more weight over his front legs.  Without a collarbone, without the skeletal connection of front legs to the rest of the body, the horse's front legs are always in jeopardy.  Being a protector of the horse means to protect his front legs, to find new mobility through the front end of the horse as hind legs and haunches strengthen and serve the horse.  It is the haunches that bunch with power that are the power force of what the horse can become.  The strength that needs to be found.