♔ Kjrsos Rider's Field of Study - The Guidance of the Conscious Horse ~ In Development

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There is one concept that defines Kjersos,  the system, the teachings and that is that Kjrsos, the horse, is our guide.  Our advisor, our teacher, the voice, the spirit that accompanies us on this lifelong journey.  This is only possible when we have the opportunity to work with the fully conscious horse, one who is connected and fully aware.  One who knows that he is being asked for his help and thus becomes willing to try to show us the answers. To use his voice, to share with us, help us along our journey.  It is here that we discuss what is a conscious horse, as well as the things that we can do to encourage that willingness for our horses to fully evolve into a being who has reached his own full potential, into the entity that is the spirit behind Kjrsos.   

Teaching us to trust in the voice of the horse.


"If you want to get a sense of how it is to see this way, experiment a bit with a wagging finger, or a pencil or something similar – seeing it only on the outer edge of your peripheral vision.  You will notice whether something is there, and whether it moves, but you will not necessarily be able to immediately categorize and analyze it.  This is how horses see at almost every point in their field of vision.  If you do this little exercise with a partner and hold your head rigid, you will be able to get a sense of the state of mind of a horse that has a head and neck that are not free but rather, are being restrained.  You are practically forced to be in a continual state of fearful tension." Imke Spilker from Empowered Horses