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We currently have in development 19 Fields of Study comprising of over 150 courses and 1500 individual classes in development.  

An incredible body of knowledge that directly relates to how and what the horse can become when we climb up on their backs and more than that how we can help them. Knowledge that holds a lot of the answers on how to become a truly extraordinary rider, instructor, trainer.

Comprehensive intensive information, for an unparalleled transformative riding experience and connection with your horses.

Developing an unsurpassed exhaustive resource of equestrian knowledge.


And more than that

Every Lesson a Lesson in Self-Awareness

 The science and the magic of being with our horses.  



An equestrian program created by the horses

Our thanks to that which is  KJRSOS

The Guiding Spirit of the horse



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Studying the shoulder of the horse.  Deserving of study because it is different in the horse then it is humans.  There is no skeletal connection in the horse for the shoulder and the front legs.  They have no collar bone and we need to understand the ramifications this has on the movement of the horse.


 æquus Equal

libra Balance

Showing the horse without the rider

How he leans through , counter balances through head and neck, how he morphs from one moment to the next and all are in balance and speaking to how we need to never compromise the whole, that contributes to this concept of equal balance or all being in balance.



These tools can be powerful.  Any powerful tool needs to be treated with respect.  Used in the training method referred to as clicker training which encompass the concepts of positive and negative reinforcement.  The basic concepts go far beyond just a click and a treat, and are at some level a part of any relationship.  Which is why it is so important that you understand these concepts and how they impact upon your training and your relationship.

The concept is not difficult to understand, but what to do it is.  This challenges almost all training methods that we use for our horses and challenges us in new ways.

Examine if your training regime is one that uses chase as the key element of training.

How do we want this relationship to work,

Do we want to chase, or do we want them to follow?

What does your training system say to the horse?

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There is one concept that defines Kjersos,  the system, the teachings and that is that Kjrsos, the horse, is our guide.  Our advisor, our teacher, the voice, the spirit that accompanies us on this lifelong journey.  This is only possible when we have the opportunity to work with the fully conscious horse, one who is connected and fully aware.  One who knows that he is being asked for his help and thus becomes willing to try to show us the answers. To use his voice, to share with us, help us along our journey.  It is here that we discuss what is a conscious horse, as well as the things that we can do to encourage that willingness for our horses to fully evolve into a being who has reached his own full potential, into the entity that is the spirit behind Kjrsos.   

Teaching us to trust in the voice of the horse.



The Beginning of Transformational Riding

A study guide to how to introduce the concepts of how to actualize the concepts behind "This is us becoming them."

See Beginning With The Rider article 

Kjrsos Principle We always begin with the rider.  It is the rider that determines if healthy movement is a possibility.  By starting with removing the limitations created by the rider, we empower and respect the horse from the very beginning as we take responsibility for our own issues. We fix ourselves first.

Leg Aids Don't mean faster

Collection is the horse ready to do what we want to ask for next.


In changing directions, we are literally changing course.  Crossing over from merging with the energies of the horse, and becoming that energy, and now to direct that energy consciously.   As soon as we take up choice we become responsible for all that transgresses from this moment forward.  Authority cannot be had without responsibility.  The two are joined, two different sides of the same coin.  This is the challenge you have now undertaken.  Do not take it lightly.  Be humble and forgiving of yourself though because it is a journey for all of us.







Debating re Category Plant Intelligence or just include that here

The reality that we play with, that we do not understand.

Could also be under Anakalypsi.  Helping us look at things differently.

Or under Awareness. How to raise awareness, is to realize we don't have all the answers.

The Body Complex

a place where there is no force, that only the weight of the reins exist between us. It is the beginning of the creation of the centaur.  Where we exist as one body.  Moving together as one without 'let or hinder'.    We create a new body when we merge with the horse(separate article)  but this is not a merging where parity exists.  The horse changes as he needs to, because a different balance is called for, not just because of the extra weight but because of the shape and placement of that weight.  His new body has grown taller, not just heavier.  Other than these rebalance changes his movement remains his own, he does not change his movement, his timing of his movement to match the human on his back, rather it is up to the human half of the centaur to do that.  The human has ALL of the responsibility of merging his body and its movement to that of the horse, its every twitch to completely follow and allow ALL movement of the horse beneath him up to and including his breathing.  The space where we place no force, no weight, no interference, no resistance or hindrance to the energy of the horse. An incredible challenge to each of us.  This is us becoming them. 
This is us becoming them. 
I think that is what everyone misses.  
We climbed aboard thinking to take charge, not thinking we have to give up of ourselves.  That this is not about the horses giving themselves up to us, but us giving ourselves over to the shape, form and energy of the horse.  Our body becoming an extension of theirs.  
When we combine this with the ability to directional aid, the closer we come to a complete merging, then the astounding happens, we go from becoming them, to their body becoming ours. A state where the aids become almost compulsory.
Before then, though we fumble we bumble along, creating problems for ourselves, creating problems for our horses.  It is at this point that intention is everything.  If you are trying for the final goal the horse becomes your partner, helping you along the way, you are not adversaries but companions always ready to help each out,. The entire concept of Kjersos is predicated upon this journey, the instructors, the classes, the material all of it designed to minimize the bumps along the road, from beginning with studying the movement of the horse, to understanding the changes to movement in the centaur body to the foundation method helping you to pattern your body, to the horse body complex, all of it designed to help you,  to help the horse, all of us ready to help you on this journey.

Kjersos principle I will not limit the outside of my horse

I will not take the center of mass of the horse's head away from his body poll high

The only purpose of a cavesson is to have it there in case you get off and need to be able to lead your horse from it. Thus it needs to be no tighter than your average halter, but it is actually best to just get rid of the dang thing.

The walk is the gait of explanation

The trot is the gait of training

We currently have one mentorship space available.

Equine Facilitated Learning Awareness Program. A comprehensive and in-depth training programs for incorporating Kjrsos, the horse as teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans.

The Equine Facilitated Awareness Mindfulness Meditation Program. A meditation practice incorporating Kjrsos, the horse who as a teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans, amplifies what is possible.  Makes easy what seems impossible.  Helps us transition from where we are now, to the brilliance we are meant to be. 

The Equine Facilitated Awareness Living in the Every Day Program. A practice incorporating Kjrsos, the horse who as a teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans, amplifies what is possible.  Makes easy what seems improbable. With the horses at our sides, we learn the beauty and the healing of how to learn how Living in the Every Day, centers, calms and brings serenity and joy into our lives.

Any Equine Facilitated Learning Program can only exist because of the horses. This work incorporating Kjrsos, the horse who as a teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans, amplifies what is possible.  Makes easy what seems improbable. With the horses at our sides, we learn the beauty and the healing of how to learn how to become what is possible inside of us.  Finding the joy and the harmony, the beauty and the connection, the belonging to what we are a part of.  But this work is not for all horses, and they must be allowed to choose.  And it is important for us to support them, to be responsible for their emotional well-being and help and support them with the job that they have taken upon themselves. In here lies the seeds of the success of any program.