How exciting is that?

Your own online personal Training Diary.  Keep track of your lessons, of your progress.  Look back in a year or two and be amazed by how far you have some.

Review what your horse looked like then and now.

The possibilities of your own personal private Training Journal are endless.  Yours to use to help you along on your journey!

And if you join up with one of our classes in the future you will be delighted to hear how seamlessly our lessons will be integrated with your own personal Training Journal.

As a registered user, this is yours to use and yes it is private but please note that your posts, images, and video can be seen by admin staff. We don't have any reason to go look, if for no other reason then we don't have the time but we wanted to let you know upfront that possibility exists.  The possibility exists as this is is the same software that we include in our courses, where we provide feedback to those enjoying the classes and instructor training programs.  Here where people who would like to have feedback on the work they are doing with their horses post what their horses look like now and where they post their lessons. 

It is an incredible offer to be given in essence a private section of the site for yourself.  From experience, we know the one thing that most students don't avail themselves of the one habit that can make the biggest difference in their learning experience and that is to take notes of each and every lesson.  We hope making this available, having it online and making it free will encourage every rider of the horse to take this habit on and discover for themselves how the writing and the reviewing of past lessons, questions and thoughts can create a very different experience.  One where exponentially your learning curve will advance, surprising you and surprising your instructor as well.

To access just Register for FREE, login in and check out Your Own Personal Pages under Your Pages.  Your own personal section of the site will be created when you log in for the very first time!

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