Kjrsos is a philosophy, ideology and it is a school. Teaching us how to be more. Some would say it about teaching riders how to communicate and connect with their horses. And through transformation of the riders create a new horsemanship.  Yet it is so much more. Although that is in part what it is.  That is at least where it started.

Kjrsos is.. a philosophy.

Kjrsos is..  an ideology.

Kjrsos is..  knowledge.

It is joy, it is a lifetime of discovery.


Philosophy vs Ideology

There are very fundamental differences between philosophy and ideology. Ideology refers to a set of beliefs, doctrines that back a certain social institution or a particular organization. Philosophy refers to looking at life in a pragmatic manner and attempting to understand why life is as it is and the principles governing behind it.

Here we do both.  We develop our ideology, our doctrines, that we apply to our training program from a philosophy of ongoing examination and observation to understand the principles that are ongoing.  We welcome you to the journey. Join us as we explore the philosophy of life, ourselves and our horses.  Our continuing attempt to understand our horses, ourselves and the world around us.  Each of us has experience, knowledge, questions to contribute to the whole.

 Join us and help develop this ever-evolving development of ourselves and our horses.

You will hear us speak of the Foundation Method, Principles, these are the fundamental principles that are just that fundamental.  A part of the discipline, a part of the doctrines that are absolute, absolutely necessary for the physical health of your horse.  Some of these principles have been a part of our horsemanship for centuries, developed by thousands of experienced horsemen, some have always been there, but not necessarily articulated, more assumed at the time, some are in the process of being developed from the ongoing study of horses and philosophy by horsemen and women of today.


 Kjrsos ~ Evolution in Horsemanship.