"You know it is truly fascinating to see, how all around the world almost simultaneously as if the equestrian world had held its breath and then collectively decided to look for a kinder more intelligent way of working with the horse. And across the globe, we have a new respect being shown to the horse. A respect of beginning to understand that the horse is a kind, intelligent creature in his own right and has so much more to teach us, then we will ever have to teach him.  That when you truly open up your heart and mind to this knowledge, that it is like a flower uncurling in the sunlight, and you can see the horse and the world in new range of colours that fill your heart with the same type of wonder that a child looks at  a rainbow for the very first time.

For those who have yet to experience that true childlike openness and wonder to the horse, this probably sounds like new age prose, to those who have begun to experience this simple yet majestic truth, it probably sounds like you have connected yet once again to that truth that you are finding in the horses."

From The Mistakes of Training in Freedom

Not Yet Published, To Be Published in Kjrsos Magazine - Volume 3

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