Silly perhaps to find inspiration for an entire concept of horsemanship on a word from an ancestral language, long gone, that you have to explain to everyone how to pronounce.  

Kjrsos -  Think kearrr-zoes



Our inspiration coming from a long ago dead foundational language that we might be taking some liberties with.

With a name like mine, I do feel a kinship with the word Kjrsos and perhaps Kjrsos will also go through its life, with people not quite knowing how to quite pronounce it. The naming of Kjrsos though, somehow considering it is thousands of years old, has a richness, has a history that goes back as far as when we first bonded with the horses, when we first came together, to be something better together then we could be apart. This is where and when the partnership began. There is power in that.

To share how to say how to pronounce Kjrsos we need to start with the very first letter which actually can be represented as an accented K: