Are you worthy?  Are you ready?  May seem like strange questions to ask.

What does that have to do with owning or riding or training, or just being around a horse?

Perhaps more than you realize.

Before you stands the most empathetic of creatures.  A soul that is incredibly sensitive.  Sensitive to a degree that it can be difficult to comprehend, to fully grasp exactly what it is that they are capable of.  And strangely enough, you can only see what you are prepared to see, what you are ready to allow yourself to see, to realize what is possible.

We think that we need to make them listen.  That subjugation and domination is the answer.  Or we think that clicking and treating to get certain actions is the answer as it is done with kindness.  When the truth is both can limit.  Certainly one more than the other, but still, both can.  Because for this sensitive creature, our emotions, our wishes, our energy, our intent, is all there to see and seeing - respond to. 

Difficult perhaps to comprehend that who we are matters.  The wisdom we have brought into our own lives matters.  Our empathy, our kindness, our understanding and our ability to build connections to something other than us. We have to become the person that the horse is looking to be with.   We have to become the best version of us.  More than that we have to demand of ourselves to be prepared to seek not only kindness but knowledge.  Because one without the other brings about its own tyranny. We have to bring along a humble wisdom to marry the two.

We have to demand the best out of ourselves first, long before we should look to ask anything from our horses.