Kjrsos is…

Kjrsos is... about who you can be together...

The foundation of what some refer to as dressage is the study by thousands of riding masters exposed to hundreds if not thousands of horses in their lifetime for centuries.  Having opportunities to study the horse in ways that we can no longer emulate in this time, from the moment that alternate transportation became a reality.. 

Contrary to what some think though, it is not about fancy movements. Physically it was about creating the very best athlete, with a healthy body, that can last for years.  An athlete who we work together with to utilize power that is developed with precious knowledge and awareness of what we ask of our horses.

When we take the ethos, the study and the knowledge available to us from centuries of the study of the masters and combine that with the study of the horse's body available today, we come to understand how the foundation method evolved.  A base that is true to the horse in any discipline at any level, of any breed, in all times. 

The discipline might change, but the horse's body doesn't.  What is true for his body is true no matter how we ride or how we might use the horse.  What is healthy, doesn't change.


Combine the quest for an access to power, with a quest for a free flowing released body,

and you begin to work with a system that is the ultimate in physical therapy for the horse.


And more than that you begin the journey where movement becomes connection,

begins a new kind of awareness between the two of you.


You begin to develop a language that begins in the aids but can quickly morph into something more as you find new connections, deeper and deeper into the horse's body.

When you are willing to combine all of this with a respect, an acknowledgement, a humbleness to accept that this other spirit is waiting for you to acknowledge and hear his voice, just waiting for you to hear him, this is when what was dressage can enter another realm.  A different reality.  Turning dressage into something more. 

This is the work of Kjrsos.  

A quest for the centaur. 

Body, mind and spirit.  Two diverse bodies, minds and spirits, sparring, merging together, dancing apart, swirling around each other, eventually flowing together. 

Coming together however briefly if only for a single moment, at the same place, at the same time, is worth it all. Once that moment is felt, we don't want to live anywhere else.

As we become one, as we reach for the centaur, as we begin to connect to the energies of the horse it changes us, opens us up, to other possibilities and a respect for all life.