cheval ~ pferd ~ άλογο ~ heste ~ cavallo ~ घोड़े ~ Кінь ~ caballo ~ ceffyl ~ лошадь ~ Koń ~ häst ~ Paardrijden ~ cavalo ~ horse ~

.... but first came the word Kjrsos


Instructor Program


'When the horses challenge everything that you thought you knew.'

Are you worthy?  Are you ready?  May seem like strange questions to ask.

What does that have to do with owning or riding or training, or just being around a horse?

Perhaps more than you realize.


Learning from the Masters


The more advanced you intend to become, the better qualified you would want your instructor to be. This is why we have institutions such as universities. This is why we have master programs and PhD diplomas. These are the people we reach out to for knowledge.

So why is it that we don't do the same with our horsemanship?


When we began looking for what to call what it is that we do, and who we are, there is no better answer than the word horse.  The one who has the answers.  We asked ourselves so which word representing horse do we use, the French, the German, the Spanish, the Italian, or..  and why would we use one before the other.  Then we discovered there was a language that came before any of them. 

Silly perhaps to find inspiration for an entire concept of horsemanship on a word from an ancestral language, long gone, that you have to explain to everyone how to pronounce.  

Kjrsos -  Think kearrr-zoes



Our inspiration coming from a long ago dead foundational language that we might be taking some liberties with.

With a name like mine, I do feel a kinship with the word Kjrsos and perhaps Kjrsos will also go through its life, with people not quite knowing how to quite pronounce it. The naming of Kjrsos though, somehow considering it is thousands of years old, has a richness, has a history that goes back as far as when we first bonded with the horses, when we first came together, to be something better together then we could be apart. This is where and when the partnership began. There is power in that.

To share how to say how to pronounce Kjrsos we need to start with the very first letter which actually can be represented as an accented K:



Kjrsos is... difficult to define. Because any definition is limiting.

And a definition often demands that you simplify the complex.

And when I read the following words I realized what I had been trying to do for over 18 months was impossible.  I had set myself a fool's task.  

What is Kjrsos?

Kjrsos is... about who you are...

You cannot separate who you are, what your beliefs are, who you are as a human being and your horsemanship. To think that horsemanship is just about when to apply an outside leg or if at this point in time, a direct rein of opposition, a leading rein or an indirect rein would be more effective ~ is to just not get it. Yes, technical knowledge is essential, but these are just tiny pieces of the whole.

Because you are relating and interacting with something that is alive and more than that someone who is incredibly sensitive and empathetic. Something that thinks feels, and will react to your emotions, your thoughts, to who you are.   It is what you bring to the table that means more. We can teach you the differences between the five different listed rein aids, how to organically bring about a piaffe (which is the horse trotting in place) through systematic training,  how the different leg aids affect your horse. Yes, there is a wealth of information that we are happy to share, depending on how far you wish to progress, but these are just bits and pieces of a whole where there is so much more.

Knowing how to change the oil on a car, is satisfying but probably won't change you nor will the car be watching you, trying to decide how much to trust you, trying to figure out who you are, what you are. Your attitudes, your beliefs, your feelings have little effect on the car or the oil, or the dipstick or the other technical aspects of changing the oil in a car. And that is the point, this information, these pieces of knowledge while valuable are just technical aspects of horsemanship. A few facts that are only a little part of the whole.

Horsemanship is about more.

As soon as we are in their presence, they are aware.

And aware they respond.


"These horses are so incredibly alive. 

Their sensitivity, their awareness, their openness to being aware, connected to everything is so invigorating, inspiring. I think that is why I feel so incredibly connected to life and nature when I am with them here along the lakes, but sadly the opposite is so true when I am with other horses.  It breaks my heart how shut down they are in comparison.  How turned off they are. It actually hurts to be around them sometimes. 

But change is possible.  

One rider astounded with what these new ways of working with her horse has done for her horse, stood in the centre of the arena watching her horse moving forward in an invigorating bold trot, and began softly crying, tears quietly coursing down her face and said softly into the silence as we watched: "He has come alive!"  

Including physically ~ he has turned into a different horse.  So much so that those who now see him today don't even recognize him from just 2 years ago.  Even with her standing right beside him.  They have no idea who he is. He moves, carries himself completely differently, with such incredible pride and awareness. No wonder no one recognizes him. The transformation has begun."

 The tears were tears of joy because he was so beautiful, so incredibly fully alive in that moment. 

And aware they respond.


The tears were tears of sadness for the damage that she had caused never knowing, never understanding, what she had inadvertently taken away from her horses through the years, tears for not letting them be fully gloriously alive.

Alive. <sigh>  If only we could give that back to every horse.

 At one time, I was just as sad, thinking there was nothing I could do.  My heart broke wanting so desperately to give that back to every horse.  

But today I make a different pledge and I feel hope, not sadness.  

"I stand for the horse."

And I am going to try to give that back to every horse. Let's help them once again be fully, gloriously, joyfully alive.

Abridged From a book of the horses - ' So that We Can See'  - The second beginning

The QUEST for the Centaur


The foundation of what some refer to as dressage is the study by thousands of riding masters exposed to hundreds if not thousands of horses in their lifetime for centuries.  Having opportunities to study the horse in ways that we can no longer emulate in this time, from the moment that alternate transportation became a reality.. 

Contrary to what some think though, it is not about fancy movements. Physically it was about creating the very best athlete, with a healthy body, that can last for years.  An athlete who we work together with to utilize power that is developed with precious knowledge and awareness of what we ask of our horses.

When we take the ethos, the study and the knowledge available to us from centuries of the study of the masters and combine that with the study of the horse's body available today, we come to understand how the foundation method evolved.  A base that is true to the horse in any discipline at any level, of any breed, in all times. 

The discipline might change, but the horse's body doesn't.  What is true for his body is true no matter how we ride or how we might use the horse.  What is healthy, doesn't change.

Combine the quest for an access to power, with a quest for a free-flowing released body, and you begin to work with a system that is the ultimate physical therapy for the horse.  And more...


Learning from the Masters


The more advanced you intend to become, the better qualified you would want your instructor to be. This is why we have institutions such as universities. This is why we have master programs and PhD diplomas. These are the people we reach out to for knowledge.

So why is it that we don't do the same with our horsemanship?


Kjrsos, the horse, the next evolution.  There is a journey to undertake.  A lifetime of joy and learning ahead of you.  A level of awareness that you can perhaps only begin to comprehend.  A journey with surprises on how this will change you, move you.  A journey of discovery.  The work is transformative. Who you are, who you are meant to be, means more to your horsemanship then any understanding of specific elements or technique.   Join us on the journey.

Kjrsos - Connection - Awareness - Consciousness - Knowledge -