KJRSOS Magazine

Inspiring people to reach a higher conscious awareness through the guidance and the spirit of the horse. Through the process, you transform to become an amazing horse person, giving birth to an incredible relationship with your horse, finally knowing how to support, how to help the horse become wonderfully healthy, astonishingly beautiful, amazingly powerful and fully conscious.


Excellence based on Knowledge ~ Connection ~ Conscious Awareness following the Basic Principles of the Foundation Method and KJRSOS Principles.


The magazine is a sneak peek into our education program.  All of what is in the magazine can be found in one form or another over time in our supporting podcasts, videos, online text and other class material.  Which is why we doubly value our magazine contributors.  Not only are they sharing their insights and passion in the magazine for just that issue, but their contribution will also continue to be utilized in years to come in other formats in our education programs.


The horse and rider learning from each other.



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The Work Should be Transformative


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