Kjrsos is... difficult to define. Because any definition is limiting.

And a definition often demands that you simplify the complex.

And when I read the following words I realized what I had been trying to do for over 18 months was impossible.  I had set myself a fool's task.  

"Innovation is a collection of complex things that are usually difficult to convey" Elon Musk

Yet marketing and the attention span of the person online demands that we come up with simple explanations for a collection of complex things.  And when you are presenting something innovative, something new, something different, it just can't be done.

The word Kjrsos simply is an ancient language for the word horse.  But an ancient language that has a connection to all of our languages that came afterwards in the past 6000 years.  6000 years of different civilizations, concepts, spiritual practices. 

When I think of the term kjrsos, I think of the guiding spirit, the wisdom I have seen in the horses.  

What Kjrsos stands for, that is where it begins to get complex. 

I could say..



Kjrsos is a training method as designed by the horse. Where you will learn to empower the horse to incredible beauty.

Kjrsos is a communication program.

Kjrsos is a healing program for our horses and maybe surprisingly for us.

Kjrsos is about how to give the horse his voice back.

Kjrsos is about how to create the most incredible relationship that you could ever imagine with your horse.

Kjrsos is a magazine.

Kjrsos is a school.

It is for the rider.

It is for the non-rider.

It is for the horse. 

It is about the horses. 

It is about the voice and guidance of the horse.

It is here first and foremost to create the next generation of Instructors, those who can carry the knowledge forward to the generations that follow us. Perhaps one of our most important tasks. 

It is for those that ride English, Western, it is for those who don't ride at all.

It is about this wonderful body of knowledge so that we can ensure that the work that we do with the horse is beautiful but more than that supportive and healthy for his body and his spirit.

It is about making sure he has his voice because if he doesn't have that, he can't help us along the way.

And in the end, the horse is empowered, proud, beautiful, gorgeous, looking like his hooves barely skate upon the earth. Fully consciously vibrantly alive.  Fully aware and cognizant of his power and aware of every leaf, every blade of grass in his space. 


And yet Kjrsos is so much more... 

It is about the joy and mysteries of life.  

It is about you.

Kjrsos is a mindfulness program that helps us evolve our conscious awareness.

It is about creating a new awareness, a new conscious awareness through the horse.

It is about learning to connect.

It is about learning how to meditate and change your state of consciousness and learn methods superior to any found in meditation and possibly superior to the words that any shaman could share with you.

It is about mystery's and questions unanswered, it is learning to live a life of discovery. About realizing that too often we don't see what is here right in front of us.  

It is about living a life of possibilities and how to take that into our relationship with our horses and into our riding and especially into our lives. A new state of being.

It is about our duty to share what we know, what the horses have taught us, have helped us realize.

Kjrsos is the next evolution that is waiting for us.

Kjrsos is about bringing health back to the horses, to us and to the earth.


Kjrsos is a transformation.

A transformation of us.