From Imagine My Surprise

"Today I would ask my riders, not to start on the horse, but off the horse.  I would have them watch in wonder at the beauty of the movement of the horse. Help them see the breathing barrel, the interplay between the drop of the hip, the back and the undulation of the neck at every stride of the walk. 

I would talk to them about the amazing entity that is Kjrsos.  What he is asking of us.  Why he is with us. How we have to allow him to have a voice and how to encourage that voice to be heard. 

I would have every rider establish a relationship with the horse and ask permission of the horse, before climbing on their backs.  I would teach them once there how to ask the horse the questions that need to be asked.  I would teach them how to listen."

From Imagine My Surprise from Volume 1 Kjrsos Online Magazine
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