Kjrsos Is... Transformation, Evolution, Change

Kjrsos is a philosophy, ideology and it is a school. Teaching us how to be more. Some would say it about teaching riders how to communicate and connect with their horses. And through transformation of the riders create a new horsemanship.  Yet it is so much more. Although that is in part what it is.  That is at least where it started.

Kjrsos is.. a philosophy.

Kjrsos is..  an ideology.

Kjrsos is..  knowledge.

It is joy, it is a lifetime of discovery.


I think that is probably the hardest past to understand that what we are offering you here is always changing.

Kjrsos is...  Change.

It is learning and discovering.

It is reinventing yourself.

It is figuring out how within what you got right before what you got wrong.

It is about a constant evolution not only of what you know but of you.

Kjrsos is a transformation.

So how could that not affect what is here? 

So what is here today could be gone tomorrow.  Deleted, reworked, reworded, flipped on its head.

That is true of everything that you find here.  We make no promises that what is available in the magazine will not be rewritten when new awareness or new information comes to light.  We don't even plan to make stagnant any of our publications even our books already planning that they will come in versions changed by the interaction that happens between all of us. 

So if you purchase a hardcover edition just know that what is there will be changed in a future edition.  We really have no choice because we have come to understand, or perhaps better said were forced to understand that there are no final versions, there are no final answers. From our very first book So That We Can See we experienced this constant change this constant morphing depending on the day.  New insights, new understanding that keeps coming and seems never-ending especially when we all get together.

So be prepared for that. Our last publication stalled in part because of that.  It needed to transform but didn't know how.  Maybe didn't even at the time understand into what.  Kjrsos is our answer to that question.  Kjrsos is that transformation. But we won't make the same mistake again.  Finally understanding that the great joy of working with these magnificent creatures that we call horses, the great joy of living, is discovering the journey does more than just keep going, it keeps expanding. It twists and turns and goes places that you never expected. And we are inviting you on that journey.

So what is here we have no doubt will forever be changed as we continue to grow, as we continue to understand, as we evolve and as we transform, so no wonder what is here, won't be the same as what will be here tomorrow.

We all need a Goal, a Vision that is greater than ourselves guiding our purpose in everything that we do.

A goal that we may never meet... but ever incremental step forward a cause for celebration. A celebration of all of us. 

And our goal is to raise awareness, consciousness, knowing that everything else that we strive for will flow from this.

This is how we create an inspiring relationship with our horses.

This is how we create the sensitivity we need to become one with them. 

This is how we discover how to bring out the beautiful possibilities that lie in both of us.

This is how we empower them.


This is how we learn about healing.

This is how we help each other.


This is how we discover how we are a part of everything.

Where we celebrate the existence of the miracle that is life.


This is how we find our power.

This is how we heal the earth.