Kjrsos Is... The Horses Helping Us Towards Awareness

Our Next Beginning

When we finally understand the lesson the horses have been trying to teach us.

Kjrsos, the horse, the next evolution.  There is a journey to undertake.  A lifetime of joy and learning ahead of you.  A level of awareness that you can perhaps only begin to comprehend.  A journey with surprises on how this will change you, move you.  A journey of discovery.  The work is transformative. Who you are, who you are meant to be, means more to your horsemanship then any understanding of specific elements or technique.   Join us on the journey.

Kjrsos - Connection - Awareness - Consciousness - Knowledge -

The light in me bows to the spirit of the horse.  May I be willing to accept your wisdom.  May I learn the lessons you are patiently waiting sometimes for endless years to teach.  May I have the fortitude and the necessary gifts to share your wisdom, your voice, your story, which I know at heart is our story.