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What is Kjrsos?

Kjrsos is... about who you are...

You cannot separate who you are, what your beliefs are, who you are as a human being and your horsemanship. To think that horsemanship is just about when to apply an outside leg or if at this point in time, a direct rein of opposition, a leading rein or an indirect rein would be more effective ~ is to just not get it. Yes, technical knowledge is essential, but these are just tiny pieces of the whole.

Because you are relating and interacting with something that is alive and more than that someone who is incredibly sensitive and empathetic. Something that thinks feels, and will react to your emotions, your thoughts, to who you are. It is what you bring to the table that means more. We can teach you the differences between the five different listed rein aids, and the one not listed, how to organically bring about a piaffe (which is the horse trotting in place) through systematic training, how the different leg aids affect your horse. Yes, there is a wealth of information that we are happy to share, depending on how far you wish to progress, but these are just bits and pieces of a whole where there is so much more.

Knowing how to change the oil on a car, is satisfying but probably won't change you nor will the car be watching you, trying to decide how much to trust you, trying to figure out who you are, what you are. Your attitudes, your beliefs, your feelings have little effect on the car or the oil, or the dipstick or the other technical aspects of changing the oil in a car. And that is the point, this information, these pieces of knowledge while valuable are just technical aspects of horsemanship. A few facts that are only a little part of the whole.

Horsemanship is about more.

A mental, emotional maybe even a spiritual connection. It is the difference between being involved with another living creature and an inanimate object. It is about your sensitivity, your awareness, about empathy, about being open, about trust.


It has been my observation that few people understand when they are miscommunicating both on and off the horse. While at the same time it is the norm for horses to listen to me, standing in the middle of the arena, thirty, forty feet away, ahead of their rider who is in physical contact, sitting on their back. The why's is a complex subject, but one of the elements speaks to the clarity of communication.

The question though today is not how to achieve this clarity of communication, but how is it that we cannot know that this is happening. What is missing in our horsemanship that we are missing that element of the conversation that you don't know that miscommunication and misunderstanding is the current norm.

If so few riders understand that physically they are miscommunicating intent, then how many riders can actually even begin to understand these silent creatures. Their intent, their messaging, the things they are trying to tell us. Let alone begin to understand what the horse needs from us.

We think of them as an object, we think let's learn to ride.  That is how most of us started.  We think they are beautiful and powerful and often we want to connect.  But one day you realize just because you can walk up to them, throw on a saddle and climb on, that isn't about connection, about having a relationship. It can be, it can be a merging of two souls, two bodies where you feel as if you are one. But that means there has to be two voices, and both have to be heard.

They are alien. Horses are not human. We can do things that they can't, and they can do things that we can't. Things that we find difficult, they find easy, and things that we do, they would never consider. We are different, and if we hope to begin to communicate, begin to understand, then we must spend first reach for connection.

Your connection, your relationship will be one of the determining factors in the level of horsemanship you will be able to reach. It will be the determining factor in your ability to hear the answers the horses have for you. The determining factor in what you will discover all based on who you are, and where you are willing to let the horse take you. 

There is a journey to undertake. A lifetime of learning ahead of you if you are interested. A level of awareness that you can perhaps only begin to comprehend. A journey with surprises on how this will change you, move you. A journey of discovery.

If we genuinely wish to become an outstanding horseman, you need to be or become more. It is what the horses are asking of us, what this relationship of two requires from us. A lifetime of learning, of experience, of joy. We need to open our minds and hearts, to the lessons that life brings to us.   Life is magical, often more than we can realize at times. The essence of life, the horses, even more so.