⋆ Kjrsos Is... Creating an Amazing Relationship with Your Horse

Kjrsos Is... Creating an Amazing Relationship with Your Horse

Missing Pieces Abridged

What is Kjrsos?

Kjrsos is... about who you are...

You cannot separate who you are, what your beliefs are, who you are as a human being and your horsemanship. To think that horsemanship is just about when to apply an outside leg or if at this point in time, a direct rein of opposition, a leading rein or an indirect rein would be more effective ~ is to just not get it. Yes, technical knowledge is essential, but these are just tiny pieces of the whole.

Because you are relating and interacting with something that is alive and more than that someone who is incredibly sensitive and empathetic. Something that thinks feels, and will react to your emotions, your thoughts, to who you are.   It is what you bring to the table that means more. We can teach you the differences between the six different listed rein aids, how to organically bring about a piaffe (which is the horse trotting in place) through systematic training,  how the different leg aids affect your horse. Yes, there is a wealth of information that we are happy to share, depending on how far you wish to progress, but these are just bits and pieces of a whole where there is so much more.

Knowing how to change the oil on a car, is satisfying but probably won't change you nor will the car be watching you, trying to decide how much to trust you, trying to figure out who you are, what you are. Your attitudes, your beliefs, your feelings have little effect on the car or the oil, or the dipstick or the other technical aspects of changing the oil in a car. And that is the point, this information, these pieces of knowledge while valuable are just technical aspects of horsemanship. A few facts that are only a little part of the whole.

Horsemanship is about more.

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