Kjrsos Is

Kjrsos is difficult to describe.  Perhaps because it isn't what you expect.

If you have come here to learn more about how to be with your horse, we can help with that.

But we don't think that begins with trying to change the horse.

Actually being with a horse is about so much more than that.

At least that is what we think the horses have been showing us.  If we are ready to listen.

If you ride and take lessons people have been trying that for years and I think we can safely say we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the limitations of that.

Don't you think that 10, 20, 30 years of lessons should have provided you with more than a subtle change?  Should you not be a virtuoso by now?  If you had been in any other field and put in that much time and effort you certainly would be. 

If we are looking for change we have to be willing to change.

If we are looking for a dramatic change, then maybe the change needs to be dramatic as well.

Few are ready for that kind of change.