All of our programs are designed to try to find a balance between the doing, the knowing and the being.   We cannot ever dismiss or disregard the reality that we are working with a thinking, feeling being who is independent of us.  While for some their goal may be to become a better rider, ours will be to help all of us realize that who you are, how you interact, is probably more important than knowing what aid to use next. So while the emphasis will be about learning about shoulder-in, at the same time we encourage you to study The Essentials of Communication, Awareness and many of the other courses that we have available which sometimes may seem as if they really don't have anything to do with horses. We need to understand how the horse's body works, and what he understands, AND when he is speaking and what he is trying to tell us.  As instructors while we watch for what the rider needs to change, we need to be ready to facilitate an awareness to the rider, that their horse is trying to communicate and help them understand that communication.