The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse | The Delicate Intricacies of The Walk

The walk is the most complicated of all the gaits having both a diagonal and a lateral component. It is what we often refer to as a gait of healing.  Because of the intricacies of the walk, it can be the one that is most difficult to have a full and complete understanding of.  But it is the one that is perhaps most important to understand so that we can fully utilize it as a gait of health.

"A series of experiments was performed to describe the kinematics of the fore and hind limbs during walking and to measure adaptations in limb function in response to changes of walking speed.

The walk is a four-beat gait in which each limb contacts the ground separately at intervals of approximately 25% of stride duration.

Each limb is grounded for a relatively long period (60% of the stride), with the horse being supported alternately by two limbs or three limbs.

Flexion and extension of the elbow and hip joints are responsible for