The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse | The Delicate Intricacies of The Walk

The walk is the most complicated of all the gaits having both a diagonal and a lateral component. It is what we often refer to as a gait of healing.  Because of the intricacies of the walk, it can be the one that is most difficult to have a full and complete understanding of.  But it is the one that is perhaps most important to understand so that we can fully utilize it as a gait of health.

Pure healthy movement in the horse involves the entire horse, his entire body is involved in the sequence.  Watching a healthy body, one that has no restrictions shows us how soft the neck can be especially close to the shoulder blade and can also show us the full range of movement and engagement of the head and neck as part of the entire movement. Show us the connections that exist between all parts of the body. It is extremely difficult to find really good examples of a released neck, as, as soon as we