To begin with..

All courses can be done in several ways.

1. Audit.  No tests, the information is there for you to use at your own speed and to use as reference material in the future.  Your own online resource center.

2. Test.  Test more than once, get new feedback every time!

3. Test towards becoming qualified towards the Instructor Training Program.

4. Mentorship Program.  One on one, for those want the support of having someone who can guide them, share of their own knowledge and experiences, help inspire you on your own quest for knowledge and wisdom with the horse. This program intensive has only a few limited spaces open at any one time, if at all.  This is us making a commitment to you, that is going to take up time and resources far beyond a simple commitment to be there for an hour a week, which is why there is so limited a number of spaces available.  Over time as instructors become accredited we hope to expand this program.  Please note the mentorship program is offered ONLY to riders who have signed on to our Commitment Program.  Our commitment program includes a commitment to the Kjrsos Principles, a commitment to sharing and inspiring others, to building up the knowledge and resource base available for other riders which includes giving your permission to Kjrsos to utilize all material of your interaction with the Kjrsos website, with all Kjrsos Guides and Instructors, including quotes, text, images and video for the continued advancement of knowledge and inspiration to others. Since time is our most precious commodity, any time taken away from preparing future material for additional programs and courses is a cost too dear to use without the possibility that knowledge is being returned to this incredible resource center.  If interested in our mentorship program register to contact us.