The history of the word conscious is interesting.  How when we go back in time we discover that the etymology that conscious comes from the Latin conscius.  That Conscius comes from the con which is another for of the word 'com' which means together and scire which means to know.  So putting all of that together this means to know together. 

Just think about that phrase - conscious to mean 'to know together'. 

And that is what we keep missing.  The energy, the difference when we travel not alone but together.  When it isn't just us.

When our goal becomes to know together, to travel together, to come together this makes everything that follows that might seem impossible, possible.

And this becomes the central premise of what follows in our mindfulness and meditation practices and that is the beginning of what can follow.

But we start here, knowing that we have to know, only happens when from the beginning we realize we have to know together