Words of Power.

It surprises me each time it happens.  I type away furiously trying to express a concept and thought and then 'bam' a few words strike at my being making me stop.  Make me stop and see something in a new light and for me, these nine words became words of power.

"Because what is here is for all of us." 

Words of power are words of power because they touch more than one idea, more than one answer, more than a single thought.  Each time you repeat them, you see another connection, another way that they apply, another answer that they hold.  And more than that, you see how everything is part of the whole.  Another time you get to understand how the magic of the universe how it makes everything fit together.

Two years and a half years of struggling on how to organize what is here.  How to make it all fit.  Overwhelmed with the possibilities of what Kjrsos is and finding that every answer that I came up with was incomplete. And in the words 'Because what is here is for all of us' I find an answer first to the simple and then to the complex.



Realizing I don't need to make Kjrsos about creating the next level of instructors because the program itself creates instructors, teachers, guides, because what is here is for all of us...  And that awareness freed me from constraints I put on myself and the constraints I had put on what I was offering.  Because today I learned that I don't need to push so hard for the instructor program because to follow and learn the principles of Kjrsos, of conscious awareness is to know that this is for all of us.. and when you finally feel that in your heart, that is what you become.. teacher, guide, friend.   In the knowing this is for all of us, you have to share.  Perhaps each in our own way..

Because what is here is for all of us.. words that you will feel their power when you come to understand what is here.  Because when we understand that what is here is for all of us, we understand that here lay answers on how we can help others act and care more our enviroment, habitat, climate change, mother nature and all lives that share this planet with us, because we understand viscerally that what is here is for all of us. Something that you might not fully appreciate yet, but in time you will. 

What is here is for all of us.  

I say the words, I breath them in and I come closer in this moment in understanding.