❧ Equine Mindfulness Meditation with Conscire

The Equine Facilitated Awareness Mindfulness Meditation Program. A meditation practice incorporating Kjrsos, the horse who as a teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans, amplifies what is possible.  Makes easy what seems impossible.  Helps us transition from where we are now, to the brilliance we are meant to be. 

Winter solstice is my most favorite day of the year cuz it means the longest night of the year is here. I will be dancing outside,in the dark until the coming of the light like I do every year. It's a traditional night of celebration of death of the year&then its resurrection

"I empathize with both sides of this issue. I believe disconnecting from the Internet and immersing oneself in nature is good for the mind and the soul. But on the other hand, no one is forcing you to connect to WiFi and it could be useful in the event of an emergency..." Richard Bernabe


There is a discussion to be had here.  

Because once we realize that everything is energy and everything is impinging upon our awareness for attention and if we are about finding and feeling that delicate touch that is nature, of those lives that are not us, we also have to realize that we are naturally attuned to those energies that look like us. 

"At some fundamental level, just as we might have humans with different levels of consciousness, we can have life forms that are aware at different levels, all dependent on the sum of the number and perhaps the quality of the connections that they have.

And once we realize that, we realize that consciousness and awareness can begin in the microscopic level.

And in all likelihood doesn't have an end game.

That consciousness and awareness has the possibility to exist from the microscopic to the infinite. And it is the infinite we need to reach for."

From So That WE CAN SEE

And this is what we can reach for. There is so much here that we miss.  

The history of the word conscious is interesting.  How when we go back in time we discover that the etymology that conscious comes from the Latin conscius.  That Conscius comes from the con which is another for of the word 'com' which means together and scire which means to know.  So putting all of that together this means to know together. 

Just think about that phrase - conscious to mean 'to know together'. 

And that is what we keep missing.  The energy, the difference when we travel not alone but together.  When it isn't just us.

When our goal becomes to know together, to travel together, to come together this makes everything that follows that might seem impossible, possible.

And this becomes the central premise of what follows in our mindfulness and meditation practices and that is the beginning of what can follow.

But we start here, knowing that we have to know, only happens when from the beginning we realize we have to know together



To get out of our heads, to try to find the essence of what is there, ready to touch our awareness if we could only feel, could only hear it, requires us to be present, but to be able at the same time stop projecting what is us and listen for what else is here.    And the grace of silence brings about those possibilities.

Which creates a problem for those who wish to facilitate this magic that can happen between human and horse.  

But we forget that it is not us that do this work.  It is Kjrsos, it is the horse.  Just as those we are trying to help need to step out of their own way, we need to step and get out of the way ourselves.

But some will ask, how can I help, how can I show the way, if I and my client can't talk, can't communicate?

It was never what we said that made a difference, it is what emanates from us.  That which comes from us.  From our hearts, from what sits inside of us that interacts with that which surrounds us, that allows the compassion, the joy, the peace of this moment, the caring for another life force that is for this time, a part of the whole.  Another special being that has to find its own way.  You can support, but you cannot lead.  As it was for you, this is their path, their experience, their moment.  You can only care, can only love, can with that be present to observe, perhaps to document, to support emotionally and allow the experience to unfold.

Before and afterwards there will be time for words. To use that which we humans have learned how to communicate.  But here, now, with them, it is important to find a different way to speak.  A different way to be.  To allow that which emanates from you to only support the process.  BUT we have to remember this is their path.  Their journey and it is not for us to make this happen no matter how badly we want it.  We have to allow all possibilities to exist, not put our wants, our needs, our desires even if it is only for the benefit of the one that we are here with.  No matter how badly we want that incredible experience for the soul, for this other human with you. This is something that only they can experience.  Their way, their choice, their discoveries, their findings.  We are only here in love, compassion and yes joy, to say we are here to support your journey.

If we must be present then we bear a ridiculous burden to bring only positive supportive energies, clear and ringing true.   Difficult to do when there are other demands on our time, other circumstances that we can't control.  It is because it is so difficult to be in the highest heart space that we need to give this so much attention.  That we need to ensure that this never becomes a job, a task, a way to pay the bills, to define who and what we want to be.  This can't be about us and that which we struggle with. 

This will be your challenge as a facilitator for the rest of your days.  To bring the sweet clear energy of joy and support, that allows all possibilities to exist, that demands and expects nothing yet only gives prepared to support the process as not ours, not belonging to us, in serenity understanding that it may not yet be time, and only in the fulfillness of time and grace what comes will come when they are ready.  It has nothing to do with us.  That they are here means they are well on the journey.  When they are ready for what comes next, will be when they are ready for what comes next.  And they don't need our feedback because after all, that is the job of Kjrsos.  They measure, they test, they amplify what is possible, you are here to support not cause, not control, nor direct.  


Projection or reading, it matters not.  What matters is what the horses feel emanating from your heart, from that which reflects your thoughts.

I don't know if it is because we need to find again the joy of our youth in the sheer joy of living or if it is because we have to match them, but quiet and peace alone isn't what will make them accept us.  

They need to feel happiness, a serene joy in being here in this moment.  With them.  It is only then that you can be accepted.

There are some that think to use the horse in a facilitation program is to use them to help to share in the hurt and pain in our hearts.  But to ask a creature of extreme sensitivity and empathy to take on our pain is wrong.  Wrong at so many levels.  Cruel even in a way to ask them to take that on.  To take that into their hearts. Yes, a burden shared is often halved.  There is a great truth in that and no burden should be born alone.  But as an empath I do have to say that a pain shared, a burden lifted, only because another takes it on, takes it onto themselves and bears that burden with you.  For all the wonders of the horse, they too have their limitations.  Children of nature, children of delight, mischevious fairies in an altered state, they struggle to hear, to see what is dark.  And in the struggling shove away that which is so contrary to what and who they are. Their job is to teach us how to connect in serenity and joy with all that is.  

Their job is to measure, to let us know when we have found our way.  To help us be aware, to calibrate that which emanates from us so that we can match the harmonies of nature, the harmonies of life. So we can be part of that song once again. 

Further Studies

Exercise class on how to expand our awareness of other lives. To become connected and begin to feel the connection of family