Equine Facilitated Living in the Every Day

The Equine Facilitated Awareness Living in the Every Day Program. A practice incorporating Kjrsos, the horse who as a teacher, guide, mentor, and healer for us humans, amplifies what is possible.  Makes easy what seems improbable. With the horses at our sides, we learn the beauty and the healing of how to learn how Living in the Every Day, centers, calms and brings serenity and joy into our lives.

Many of the programs and suggested exercises of living in the every day, can well be done without the horse.  

So you might wonder why?

Why do we call this an equine assisted program?  Why involve the horses at all?

And the reason is very simple.

Because what is difficult, what is the most difficult is finding those first connections.  Trying to connect to something that you have never connected to before. 

Think of it this way.  The nerve impulses that happen in the brain.  As one neuron fires into a gap which the next neuron picks up and passes on to the neuron after it.  With every new skill we build those pathways.  The more we repeat an action the easier the firing becomes.  

At first there is no path, there is no pathway, no certain path that is chosen one above the other.

But the more often that any action is repeated, the more that pathway is strengthened the more likely a certain sequence will occur.

The same is true in a way in trying to build our awareness, our sensitivity to what is there.  To the enegies that exist.

At first when we begin we can't see, can't feel what is there to see, to feel.  Our senses, our awareness has no idea of how to get where it wants to go.  Doesn't even really know what it is about to experience.

It is blind luck as much as anything that first time.  A time you might not even realized it happened it can be so quiet, so still.

Difficult to know where to go, what to do.

The horses provide guidance, amplification.  That amplification helps us establish those first links.  And once established, we can begin to try to succeed without the training wheels, without the help.  We can begin to more easily establish and engage on our own. 

The pathway has been layed down. And the chances.  The ability to connect is there.

This is what the horses can do for us.

Which is why we have an entire section devoted to the horse.  Finding the right horses that are capable of being the quides that we need.


There has long been a debate on the influence of violence in video games and in the media we consume.  And this is not what we are about to address.  At least not in that we are advocating for or against.  Although to some it may seem so at first.  

But speaks instead into what we want to be able to bring in from outside of ourselves and speaks to what we want to find inside and how the two relate.

I was brought up to believe that success was to be found in

So how do you do that?  How do you live a life where inspiration, joy, peace, fill you up each and every day.  That was the challenge.  And so a new journey began.

 I came to understand that it was in many ways this was my choice, my decision. 

 Easy though to say, more difficult to live. 

We started this conversation pages ago talking about video games and a point that I wanted to make.  A realization that I have come to realize as I spend many more hours not working then working as I try to find the inspiration, the joy, so that I can do this next job that I have accepted.  And the realization is that if I don't want thoughts of negativitly, of violence, of harsh thoughts, silent ruminations of what I could have said if only I had thought of it at the time, then I have to be careful to what I allow to exist in my days.


And I realize I want that.  I want to wake up with a smile on my face, with my heart filled with the joy and beauty and wonderment of what I know life is. Or at least meant to be. 


And maybe for the first time I understand in my heart why the hermit climbs to a place to be alone, those who choose to go through a time of silence, why there are abbeys and nunneries.  Because when searching for what can be, it helps if