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It can be difficult or exhilarating to step out of  what is known, accepted, understood by your community, by your own experiences.  

This is perhaps your crossroads, where you go I just can't change, or you think this is just not what I am looking for, or maybe you even think this is slightly crazy.  Or maybe just maybe you have already begun to see the changes, in yourself, in  your horse, how opening up to movement, to the energies of the horse has created a new level of connection, of lightness in the interaction of the two of you.  The enabling of movement in the horse by patterning the energies of the rider to the horse,  in us asking you to become him/her, is an amazing experience.

The greatest challenge is what you face next, requiring a transformation not just of your mind, but a willingness to totally transform who you were before as a rider, if you have ridden before.  If you haven't our challenge is that this is different.  Whether we realize it or not most of the riding experienced today is about taking.  Taking away from the potential that is the horse.  We pull back on the reins to stop, we pull on one rein to turn.  We are told to half-halt with the outside rein to rebalance the horse. And there are other endless examples.  

But that is not the direction we want to take you.  

What I Want For You

What I want for you is to experience the transformative experience of finding how to open up the horse to power.  How to open yourself up and how the horse steps into the space that you just opened.  This is about opening not closing doors.  It is about activating our horses.  Opening him up to power, helping him, to liberate, free him into movement, to free him into a new level of balance.  To give him wings for what lives inside of him.  To open up all of his potential.

And we can't do that if we are closing doors, if we taking when we think we are aiding.  The very definition of aid is to help.  It doesn't help, when a rein aid takes against the inherent movement of the horse.

Imagine the possibilities when you are saying yes I want you to do this and here is the space in which I open for you to step into, to achieve what I am asking for you.  Imagine the possibilities when an aid is not about taking but about giving.  Giving space, allowing possibilities, not holding into movement but riding into it, opening yourself and your horse up for what comes next.

This is hard for us humans, easier to comprehend how to hold, compress, try to shape what we want.  This shaping happens with opening doors, it is the knowing how and which doors where the difficultly lies, especially if this is not something that you have experienced before.  Difficult to return to the horse whose movement has been compromised.

This takes both a physical and emotional commitment because if emotionally you are not committed the horse will know that. It takes a certain amount of trust in who the horse is, an acknowledgement that his contribution can be more important than yours, that the final shape and form is as much to come from him as it is from you.

To some extents for most riders what we about to ask of you is in some ways the complete opposite of what you have accepted as a way to ride.  This is challenging you to step to the side of the accepted knowledge of your own community and be willing to go in a different direction.

If you take up this challenge, this transformation, you will not be the same when you come out on the other side.  This will change who you are, it can change how you live your life.  Once we understand the potential that exists when we let go, when we let, not make things happen, it can but not change you.  Trust your horse, trust yourself, trust Kjrsos and let him/her quide you on the next part of the journey.