Thank you to Kjrsos - to the Horses, Our Teachers.

There is a serious need for instructors who know how to protect the horses from the beginning. Who knows the need for ensuring that our relationship with the horse comes first. 

If you like us believe that we must protect the body of the horse, that we need to protect the voice, the essence and spirit of the horse, then please consider becoming an instructor. The need is extreme, a need for instructors, not that know how to do a piaffe, or how to compete at the Olympic Level, but know and understand the basic principles that protect the body and voice of the horse.  That understand the rules that protect the horse, that help the basics that everything else is based on.  The horses, the riders need you.  Even if you only follow the basics as presented in 'The Foundation Course' you can do so much good.

We are here to support every instructor, in every way we can. Anyone considering becoming an instructor know that we will be here for you. You won't be on your own.


What you need to know about the commitment that is required to become a Kjrsos Instructor

The rewards in becoming a Kjrsos Instructor can be both overwhelming and inspiring.  Seeing the changes in the horses is rewarding and to know you can bring health back to the bodies of the horses or just make sure that he never loses full access and can move with power and pride, absolutely beautiful as he floats across the ground is very humbling.  And what you bring to those who partner with the horses can be life-changing whether they choose to work from the horse's back or if you utilize the horse as part of a larger expansion of awareness, connection and consciousness in an Equine Facilitated Awareness Program.    

The Kjrsos Programs focuses on what is healthy for the horse always.  At this level in the courses for Instructors, we begin an entirely new field of study where we discuss how to recognize issues and problems in the horse, how these affect the horse and possible solutions to those issues.  This is an area that we will be continually updating throughout the instructor programs and completing in the Instructor Level 3 Program.

Here, we dig down deep.  We leave no stone unturned as we expect those who graduate from this level to have incredible knowledge and be ranked amongst the best in the world in that regard.  But it is here that you might choose to specialize.  You may find that you are more drawn to Equine Facilitated Awareness Programs, or you may find that you are more drawn to help those humans who have chosen to explore the experience of bringing together these two disparate bodies horse and human.  Eager to learn the skills and awareness of creating the revered centaur.  Where human and horse come together in incredible synchronicity.

You can instantly recognize each by the symbol at the beginning of each course.

The Centaur Program and Courses

❧ The Equine Facilitated Awareness Courses

Once you are accredited as a Level 2 Instructor look forward to ongoing available sources for education.  We cover many subjects not covered in our public courses, including studying many of the notable trainers and instructors of the past and various training programs.  We expect intense discussion and debate as we pour over the many different riders of the past and hope through this all of our knowledge will grow.  We don't cover this in our regular course, as Kjrsos is focused initially on presenting how to achieve healthy and advanced movement in the horse.  We leave this study to advanced riders who have completed the body of work that is Kjrsos.  Once we understand how and what works best for the horse, it provides us with the tools to better evaluate other processes.  Traditional and otherwise.

We support our instructors with ongoing training, including training and other resources about how to become an instructor, how to start a business in this field and what to expect.  We are here for you every step of the way. 

This is the beginning of the next level of your equestrian journey, where you begin to help the teachers, both human and horse. Think of it as being at the level of a professor. These are those who have ready to begin teaching the teachers.

When you have the knowledge to begin teaching teachers, you have reached a level of excellence that few in the world will ever reach. The wealth and breadth of knowledge that you have will be humbling though. Because it is here that we finally realize that we will always have so much yet to learn so that we can do the right thing by both human and horse. We can guide but we come to realize we are limited by what we don't know yet but will learn tomorrow. And we come to realize there is always another tomorrow.

We have no mastery level here at Kjrsos as we consider only one being as having the truths that we need to learn and that is the horse. It would be hubris to suggest that we, any of us humans are masters.  Thus we have chosen to call no man or woman master.  We realize that master is a signal of respect for someone who has so much knowledge to impart to us. But to give any system - any human - the term master, indicates that we cannot question, cannot search for what doesn't work or what might work better.  Even here at Kjrsos, especially here.  We hope that in all of our hearts we can always be humble and remain a student of the horse, knowing and understanding we all have so much more to learn.  In establishing Kjrsos our hope is that we have developed a model that understandably is ever-changing, ever-evolving, while we stay true to our roots and our principles.  My fondest personal wish is that we can establish a community to take on this task of evolution who will tread carefully and consciously onwards, long after I am gone. I would love to be here to keep learning from all of you. Human and horse.  Considering the amazing things I have been shown, I know there is no way for me to even begin to imagine what you will be shown next.  

The Light in me bows to the light in you.

An opportunity to continue the Kjrsos tradition of giving back to the community while at the same time an opportunity to practice how to share knowledge with others while receiving feedback from your own Kjrsos Guide.  We all are mentoring each other, every step of the way. Together as a community we all learn together, the blessing of learning from each other. Just remember that the gift of teaching is that we often learn more than those we are supposedly teaching.

We stand for the horse. 

We stand with respect for life and all its wonders. 

We cannot have a closed view that we are here only for those who are taking the courses of Kjrsos.  We have to understand that we need to do more than that.  That our responsibilities extend far further.  We need to mentor, develop programs, develop material that reaches out. 

That tries to make a difference in the community in the consciousness that connects all of us.

We currently have one mentorship space available.

Find our more about our working student program.

Sooner or later someone you know if going to come to you as the expert because they are looking to buy their first horse.  Sometimes for them, sometimes for the grandkids and with no knowledge or awareness they come to you.  What do you do?  You know they are in no way ready for the responsibility because they lack the knowledge and this is not something that you can hand over in a conversation or two.  So here are some thoughts on how to do the best that you can, considering the circumstances.