This is How To Make this Work

So, we strongly implore everyone to teach, learn this ethos as a whole. Not in bits and pieces. Do not try to be taking lessons from others who do not understand this system in its entirety or take that weekend clinic with someone you admire. Audit by all means. Bring questions to the table. Questioning is excellent. Challenging is wonderful. Working together for common answers is brilliant. Expanding and revising current concepts is what we hope will happen as this community becomes established and grows in the years to come. Sharing of your own personal knowledge and experiences is an incredible gift to others. "While at the same time we keep the integrity of the system."


The Cohesive Whole or Completing the Puzzle


There is no doubt that it is better to share our knowledge and available resources to everyone whether they agree or disagree with certain precepts of Kjrsos.

 All have to be given the freedom of free speech.  For there is a lot of truth that we often learn best when we are challenged and there is nothing better than when an interaction makes us think.  While it may be smoother when you surround yourself with people who agree with your ideas which is a very human thing to do.