This is not what you are going to expect.  

You have never been challenged like this before.

It is going to be hard.  Because when someone challenges you in new ways, when someone challenges what you think you believe to be true, when someone asks you to look at something in a completely new way, it is hard.

Really hard.

When someone asks you to come at something that you think you understand and know well and say hey let's come at this from a direction which seems to make no sense on how this could possibly help, this is hard.

We are about to challenge what you believe.

What you believe to be true.

We are about to challenge you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine we are about to.

And if you have to wonder why?  

Because we knew when we went looking that it seemed knowledge on its own wasn't the true answer. It wasn't enough.  Not when people couldn't see out of all that they learned what was true and what was actually harmful to the horses that they loved.  

We are about to ask you to question everything.

Everything that you have ever believed in.  

To look at what you know from a new direction. 

To look with an open heart and mind so that you can find those answers that are true.

True for you and true for the horses that you love.

But this will be hard because I know the right answer is not to give you the answers that are true. I want to do more than that.  I want to do more than help you find the answers that you seek.  I want to help you find out how to find the answers.

Because the answers that you find will mean more than any that anyone else can give to you.  Because they will be a part of you.

But first, we have to start back at the beginning.  Wipe clear these other thoughts that sit inside of us that we currently accept as true, so that we can look at them clearly with no prejudice only to discover if they are really true or not.  If the answer is one that is true but not complete.  And what else can we discover within the answers that are true on what should come next.