You've read the book and you might wonder well what comes next.  

And for each of us our journeys are personal and so no one knows what will come next on your journey of life.

But what we are hoping is that there will be those that will want to continue.  Want to share this with others.  Maybe explore it further for themselves.

Some we know may continue on their own path and we will never hear from them again. And we wish them the best in every way possible. And you never know maybe they will show up in our lives years later ready to teach us from what they have learned.

Some we think might want to have some help. Exercises, next steps that they can take to see where this will lead them next.

And some we are really hoping will take up the challenge and consider becoming a Kjrsos Guide.  Looking forward to the next lessons that the horses are ready to teach us. Ready to help support the horses when they show up to share of themselves. Interested in how they can help others find inspiration, healing & transformation.

And it for those who think they are interested in further exploration that we have created the Kjrsos School.  While the intention to be in support of those who hope to become facilitators and teachers in the future possibly, as long as we have the resources to share, we welcome everyone.  Just fair warning that our first priority in time & energy is to support those who are looking to pass this on. The idea being we need facilitators and teachers who excel who are there to speak on behalf of the horses.  And the more voices that can be a part of this, the more people and horses that we can reach & help.