Three ways Kjrsos is dramatically different..

It encompasses a totality that no other program talks about. It is about the past, the present, and how we work together towards a dramatically different future. It is about feelings, knowledge, comprehension a way to be, a way to live and the difference that makes in every relationship including with yourself not just with the horses.

How to have a dramatically different relationship including with yourself.

The second way is that in the end this about what you discover. What you discover about yourself. What we are able to help pull out of you with the help of the horse, but what you find in the end is yours. So, of course, it is incredibly valuable because it comes from you. It is you.

The third way is that there you find our that this is just the beginning and you will have found loyal friends, a caring family that is walking along this journey not ahead of you but with you. And together we will be discovering amazing things.

You will discover the life you want to live.. The person that you want to be.

Giving the tools to navigate towards the relationship, the success that want with your horses and tools to navigate your life towards the goal that you want to have.

A profound journey of self-discovery