Do you understand how difficult this will be?

Because what follows has to come from you and me.  

What is here is for all of us.  

What comes will be from all of us.

Every interaction another opportunity for each of us to learn something new, something special that we didn't realize before.  We are in the process of creation, where possibilities are allowed to exist.  And when we meet a new thing can come into being.

Already the book So That We Can See is littered with information that came from interactions that brought something new to my awareness.  So I cannot now but realize that the Third Beginning will expect the same.  But the effect will be exponential as each new voice is heard, brings another one of us to join with and what we can create. Which will be beautiful and amazing but something that we can not yet foresee.  

So what we create here will morphe and change and can't be created ahead of time so that you study it and be ready because it isn't here yet and it won't be till you join us. I thought I needed to have all the courses ready for you as if I was preparing route classes to be listened to by you.  But that was never what I guess the universe intended at least as I am finally coming to understand.  Because what follows doesn't just come from the horses it comes from what happens when two open souls strive together to find answers and new awareness.

I wanted to have everything ready, I have put over two years work into this so far worrying what would happen if I fell ill, or was just plain too tired to keep up to my end of the bargain I wanted to make sure that all was here. I wanted to be able to make that commitment to you.  And now I finally understand you could give me 20 years and I wouldn't be finished.  And even if I tried what I would find wouldn't be the truth that I am now looking for because it was missing you and what you bring to what is here.

Every connection counts.  Each one of us making a difference to what can come into being

Remember from the book the chapter on the Strength of a Single Connection

And from the answer to Everything.

"Life is about possibilities. To live is to celebrate this glorious experiment that is life looking to fulfil all possibilities. The more possibilities that exist in any moment, the closer we come to the right answer. The more voices that exist, that is life unbounded, the closer we come to where we need to be.

Once unbounded the answer has always been there for us to find in the impossibility of creation, life in all of her glory.

We are the sum of those connections. And then we have to realize we are also the limit of those connections. The health of us, of our being, of our consciousness, of the earth, defined by those limitations."

And when I limit what is here as coming from one, I fail. I will always fail. I need you more than you will ever need me.  I need what you can teach me.  What you can make me aware of.  And what is here will never be complete, just as I will never be, if we never meet.