THIRD Beginning Thoughts

We want to make this difficult.  We want to discourage you.

Which probably makes no sense.


You've read the book and you might wonder well what comes next.  

And for each of us our journeys are personal and so no one knows what will come next on your journey of life.

But what we are hoping is that there will be those that will want to continue.  Want to share this with others.  Maybe explore it further for themselves.

Some we know may continue on their own path and we will never hear from them again. And we wish them the best in every way possible. And you never know maybe they will show up in our lives years later ready to teach us from what they have learned.

Some we think might want to have some help. Exercises, next steps that they can take to see where this will lead them next.

And some we are really hoping will take up the challenge and consider becoming a Kjrsos Guide.  Looking forward to the next lessons that the horses are ready to teach us. Ready to help support the horses when they show up to share of themselves. Interested in how they can help others find inspiration, healing & transformation.

And it for those who think they are interested in further exploration that we have created the Kjrsos School.  While the intention to be in support of those who hope to become facilitators and teachers in the future possibly, as long as we have the resources to share, we welcome everyone.  Just fair warning that our first priority in time & energy is to support those who are looking to pass this on. The idea being we need facilitators and teachers who excel who are there to speak on behalf of the horses.  And the more voices that can be a part of this, the more people and horses that we can reach & help.


I know this might be confusing to many not seeing or understanding at first how the answer can be both.  Or least the possibilities of that exist.  Also not understanding how in each truth lives that the other needs to find success. 

And I know there will be those who ask so are we better on or off the horse?

If you are searching for awareness, the answer might still be both.  And no I don't mean to be cryptic but that is a true answer, one that each one of us needs to understand.  How each might enhance the experience and how each might limit.

Do you understand how difficult this will be?

Because what follows has to come from you and me.  

What is here is for all of us.  

What comes will be from all of us.

Every interaction another opportunity for each of us to learn something new, something special that we didn't realize before.  We are in the process of creation, where possibilities are allowed to exist.  And when we meet a new thing can come into being.

I set myself a task to find an answer. What was the one thing I could bring to riders that they could know when it was right. And the journey I went on was wild and to be honest really mixed up. But I found an answer but not what I ever expected to find. I thought this was about protecting the horses and it turns out the horses were protecting us.

Or if not protecting us, trying to wake us up.  

This is not what you are going to expect.  

You have never been challenged like this before.

It is going to be hard.  Because when someone challenges you in new ways, when someone challenges what you think you believe to be true, when someone asks you to look at something in a completely new way, it is hard.

Really hard.

When someone asks you to come at something that you think you understand and know well and say hey let's come at this from a direction which seems to make no sense on how this could possibly help, this is hard.

We are about to challenge what you believe.

Are you worthy?  Are you ready?  May seem like strange questions to ask.

What does that have to do with owning or riding or training, or just being around a horse?

Perhaps more than you realize.

Three ways Kjrsos is dramatically different..

It encompasses a totality that no other program talks about. It is about the past, the present, and how we work together towards a dramatically different future. It is about feelings, knowledge, comprehension a way to be, a way to live and the difference that makes in every relationship including with yourself not just with the horses.

How to have a dramatically different relationship including with yourself.

The second way is that in the end this about what you discover. What you discover about yourself. What we are able to help pull out of you with the help of the horse, but what you find in the end is yours. So, of course, it is incredibly valuable because it comes from you. It is you.

The third way is that there you find our that this is just the beginning and you will have found loyal friends, a caring family that is walking along this journey not ahead of you but with you. And together we will be discovering amazing things.

You will discover the life you want to live.. The person that you want to be.

Giving the tools to navigate towards the relationship, the success that want with your horses and tools to navigate your life towards the goal that you want to have.

A profound journey of self-discovery