This is a journey for a lifetime, ready to fill our lives with wonder in discovering what comes next, beyond what we can see and know and touch with our understanding and our hearts today.

It begins when we can hear the echoes of the past, learn from the echoes of what was.

When we experience the haunting obsession in trying to find answers when it seems you are not even sure what the questions are.

When we discover how echoes repeated can teach.

It is time to explore the difference between questions and answers and discover which of the two leads to infinite possibilities.

Hidden are a complexity of mysteries along with unsuspected lessons and it is time to discover how questions live within answers waiting to be found and not the other way around.

Explore concepts of consciousness, awareness and wisdom in places that you maybe never thought to look.

Uncover astonishing mysteries of the universe, what we know and what we still have yet to discover and then surprisingly where some of those answers can lead us.

Discover a journey about horses and nature and lost connections and how in there, there are hidden insights and wisdom that we are a part of, that we still have yet to find.

Join the search, begin looking for the answers, become entangled in the story, in the mysteries that are here, because, in the end, this is your story.

And as you become intimately involved looking for solutions, when you can’t but help search for the next twist in this unknown path that each new answer brings, hopefully, you will find the answers that I have yet to find.

Discover the hidden lessons that the horses, that life, are trying to help us see knowing that perhaps that requires that for a while we need to accept the journey without knowing or understanding where that is taking us.

Allow the universe to take its time to show you what you need to discover. All that we need to understand before we can begin to see.

And then, at the end, now that we can see, we find out that this changes everything. That we need a new beginning.

Discovering that once we begin to see, that changes everything that comes next. A new beginning filled with new possibilities.

The ending of this story is just the beginning of our next one, which is there waiting for us to start.