It seems strange to have a section called so now what... but when we started this, this was all of our reaction.  

Where do we go next or maybe the question should be where do you go first after the incredible breakthroughs you had with 'So That We Could See.'

If you are like most the ending brings you to a place where you feel almost euphoric.  Energized.  All of you saying yes!  Yes, I can see now. Yes, I want this. And you know the seeds of that answer are in the book that you just read, but there is a problem here. No matter how brilliant the message is, it means nothing if you can't keep the momentum that you have gained. If you can't make this a part of your life from this point forward.

You would think that the insights alone, the energy you feel at the end would do this, but it doesn't seem to work like that.

Perhaps because you are still in your own life, that already you have learned to live a certain way, and this isn't part of your daily life. 

There are so many different ways to make it a part of you and there are endless sources that can help you to achieve that. There are so many masters out there working with wisdom and awareness willing to live a life of service to share what is in them with others and you maybe are even one of them. But... still knowing there is more there that you have yet to tap into.

Like anything, this energy must be fed.  Fed often and consistently, constantly challenging, helping you to change and evolve beyond where you are today, to the next level and the level after that.  To not work at this, to make it one of the most important parts of your life, because it does take work, consistent and with intention is to miss and maybe lose what you have already gained.

There is a path forward that builds on that intention. One that you can find yourself in voices that resonate with you. 

But from this point on if you stay here, just know that what follows is here to build on what you just found in 'So That We Can See.'  Mindfulness Practices that builds a resonance that helps you find the three keys of Kjrsos.


To find out more if you haven't already, have fun and check out the following sections out under the headings To Begin and The Kjrsos Experience.

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