Time is an interesting construct, allowing us to see things through its passage, giving us time to grow and understand what we didn't understand before. If there was no thing as time, we never would have patterns that we could recognize as we come upon them. But time hides its own mysteries that we sometimes miss.

For the most part, we accept that in our reality, time follows a certain path, that the past is past, the future is the future and we will get to the future through this moment that we are in, that we call now.

We think of now as something that we are in, in this moment. That is almost instantly gone, always ready to be replaced with a new now.

If we accept that time is linear, then those moments are gone forever. Lost in the mists of time.

In an unconscious universe, that would certainly be true. Without consciousness, awareness, memory, each moment that came before would wink out as if it never existed before.

Doesn't it? Wouldn't it?

So then one has to ask if there was no consciousness to remember past moments, is there a past? Did it ever really exist?

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