So now what? What was I supposed to do with all of this?

I was inspired. Transformed. Challenged. Humbled. And left completely mystified, wondering what was happening.

Experiences that make no sense. That shouldn't have happened.

Which is why, at the very beginning, I denied it even happened. Too fantastical to be believed even by me. Experiences that if someone else had told me had happened to them, I would have regulated to wishful thinking, to their imagination. To have just one of these experiences would be unbelievable beyond any kind of possibility. And yet... it happened. They all happened. The scary part... they kept happening.

I can't deny it anymore, not when I see the images, some of them captured in pictures, some of them caught on film, all of them documented.

These were not my imagination. They were real. Impossible to escape their reality no matter how much a part of me wanted to, especially when I have the pictures scattered lying here on the desk in front of me.

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