The Search for Non-Existence

Finding Healing & Connection 

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Our Challenge

The goal is to no longer exist, at least as far as the horse is concerned.
That is your measurement of success. Which opens up possibilities that you might have been limiting before. To free another is to work on ourselves making sure that we have clarity what comes from them andwhat comes from us.

Kjrsos Teaching Control Through Non-Existence

The horses teach us to control what is us.

The Path

The path waiting to see if you are ready to explore.  Ready to go in a new direction.  Ready to be surprised by what be around the next bend.

The Visitor

We come to visit, rarely to stay but we can learn how to take what is here and make it a part of us  Take it with us everywhere.

The Natural World

Rediscovering how we are part of something more.

A stillness, a quiet of our Spirit

Finding a place of quiet that resides in every single cell.

A Statement to the Universe

Your willingness to not exist is a powerful statement to the universe and to yourself.