The Power of Non-Existence

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The power of non-existence is in the clearing.  

In the finding of the quiet.

We are given a new gift.

The gift of being able to see/hear what is here.  

So the true power of non-existence is finally being able to hear.

To hear what is really here. 

This is where we have the opportunity for a new beginning.

Because now we know the joy and the excitement of seeing.

When we are wrong, we delight in that possibility. 

When we see something new, we don't feel like we have to defend what we know.

When we hear something new, we don't feel if it is different than what we thought before, we don't feel like what we know is tied to our value of who we are.

Instead like a young child we delight in every new thing.

Maybe especially so when it shows us that we got it wrong before.

There is so much joy and delight in the learning, in the seeing, what we didn't have before. That we almost ready to jump up and down in joy each time it happens. Like someone just gave us the best present ever.

When you have reached here.. that is when you know you are ready for what comes next.