♔ Kjrsos Field of Study ~ Challenging Thoughts and Assumptions

As we move through case after case of trying to understand all the different ways that we fool ourselves, sometimes lie to ourselves, you might start to wonder how week after week, month after month, and yes, year after year, this is a subject that we can keep talking about. Showing so many different ways that we do this to ourselves.

Stories and lessons that we share not to show you how much of a fool we can be at times but because it is something that we all need to fight through all of our lives. This is not a course or a class that you are going to take, and you wake up all enlightened and never have to worry about it again.

I wish that could be true. I would love it if I could cure myself of this disease that we call assumptions here at Kjrsos. But it seems too endemic for that, not like catching the measles and only getting it once. More like the flu that constantly changes its colours, so our body doesn't recognize the newest strain and therefore has no idea on how to protect us, and so we need to be inoculated again and again.

The hope here is that awareness of how our minds work can help us learn the clutter that exists that sits in our brains.. in our task for non-existence we need to clear what is here that stops us from seeing what is. No more prejudices, no more assumptions, but a search for clarity so that we can see. Or at least build on reality. A reality too often we can't even see. To clear our thoughts, our minds, our hearts, so we can find the extra-ordinary possibilities that are here. Time to sweep out, to free ourselves, to get ready for what comes next. To find the simplicity in what we make complicated. A time removing presumptions and prejudices. To find the truth that is. To hear those other voices showing us truths that we can't see yet.


"You can't buy what is inside you, which is what the horse responds to. The difficult yet wonderful part of this journey is becoming that person that the horse is waiting for." Kjrsos

Course Studies

Questioning the necessity of science in our equestrian experience as well as raising the issues that result when our focus in on science ahead of the experience.