♔ The Next Evolution of Us

We have been given an opportunity for a new beginning.  What is brilliant is that each and every time we come together with our horses it is another opportunity to once again start from the very beginning. Another chance to start on the next new level. Making the possibility of the experience of what comes next different then the time before. Here we address what we can do to make the next beginning different when we get together with our horses.  What changes we can make to the inside of us that makes what can happen a possibility. Making what happens next astonishing, magical, rewarding.  

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Course Studies

The challenge that we didn't realize is that every meeting is the first one all over again. 

The first lesson of what we can put in our hearts so that our heart space is something that the horse responds to when he meets us.

I dream of a place of quiet where the soul can rest and delight in the endless life that abounds. Where we bring peace to each other's soul. Where we do everything we can to minimize our touch not to disturb the lives of those others who call this home. Where quiet is the mainstay. Because that has been the lesson all along.

A course designed for the expansion of us.  Taking it to the next level. Introducing ideas, concepts, discussions and maybe even an adventure or two designed to help our conscious expansion. Designed for the Kjrsos Guide and Instructor to help them on the next evolution of us.

Clearing that which is in us.

Questioning the necessity of science in our equestrian experience as well as raising the issues that result when our focus in on science ahead of the experience.

Here we examine our hearts, question ourselves, being truthful maybe for the very first time what is it that we want from the horse.  And then we ask the question, is what we want, fair? Is it time to pick something else that might be more conducive for us and for the horses that we profess to love so much. It is time to pick our first want. That thing we want more than anything else for our horses.

When we understand we have to take responsibility for the next version of us.  Because if we are going to meet the horses at least half way, we have to become the one that the horses want to be with.