Our Own Evolution

When we understand we have to take responsibility for the next version of us.  Because if we are going to meet the horses at least half way, we have to become the one that the horses want to be with. 

We are creators and destroyers of consciousness. 

And we don't realize that.

Perhaps because we find it difficult to define what consciousness is, proven by how our dictionaries define consciousness as awareness, and awareness as consciousness.  Or sometimes consciousness is defined as being conscious and awareness defined as being aware.  Tricky as we have said before when you define something by itself.

But the idea of having greater awareness indicates you can have more, and also has to indicate you can have less.

Which should create the question how can we stop one and create the other?

We watch, encourage and expect all these changes. First steps, first words, first soccer practice.  Graduation from high school and then later college. Each and every year a celebration and expectation of what comes next. It is exciting.

And then life changes and while we might work towards the next promotion somewhere we loose our expectation that every year, we will learn a new level of mastery either in school or if you are an athlete over your own body. Instead we are working, taking care of others and while not for all, many of us I think forget our own evolution.

And in the process we stop working hard for what we can become.  What we have the capability of becoming. 

Who and what you are matters. We say it again and again. And still, I am not sure you hear what the whispers of these words truly portends.

Who you are matters.

We talk about how not everyone can have the same experience. The why tied up in the who and what we are.

Have you never wondered how it is that some seem to be so natural, so easy with animals? Surprised how easily the animals respond to them.

And now having read the book, the question has to hang there how truly different it can be.

Each of these, are lessons in self-awareness.  Lessons in awareness, in how to help each person that you work with become more aware of themselves, of their surroundings, of another living entity.  In some ways to become more aware of another than even of themselves.

It is important not to lose sight of this.  Which is so incredibly easy to do.  We get so busy talking about what rein aid does what and when, how to improve your seat, we can so easily forget what each lesson is really about.  How each lesson is just one more opportunity to help another to become more aware, more sensitive to their interactions and effects on another. 

The importance of each lesson does not lie in what they learn today.  It really doesn't matter if you take this journey on or off the horse, each choice has its benefits, each has its detriments.

Your job as a facilitator, as a guide, is to help each person become more sensitive, more aware of what is here in this moment, more aware of what they are a part of. Your task to help them begin that journey, to help them discover that of all of the paths that exist for them to explore, this is the one that they were always meant to be on.