The Light Within | Raising an Intelligent Horse

When we raise our children, from the very beginning, as babies we look to stimulate, to activate them, as children and young adults to educate them, and then we take this bright mindful creature and we look them up to look at four walls in a cage of 10 by 10 feet, or look at the same fence line and dirt lumps in a 40 by 40 foot enclosure, or a few acres of grass that is 'safe' but perhaps boring.   As the individual who restrains these creatures, who limit their interaction with a rich diverse natural world we have a responsibility with our horses the same as we do with our children, to raise an intelligent horse.  To enrich their lives that brings out their best potential.  Also perhaps we also need to take the time to question why when we think about breeding, buying a new horse, that intelligence is not one of the markers of what we think is valuable.

Based on the premise of "Raising an Intelligent Dog" 

Since we know that their intelligence is part of where they live and reflects their emotional being. That is why we discuss intelligence here.

I watch as with a gentle nudge of his nose the hay bale goes flying off a good 2 meters away, and I am stunned with the power and the ease while I watched the bale tumble in the air.  He picks on another bale but this time, paws vigorously, determination emanating from him to break apart the green and gold stalks of hay stilled tied together with black binder twine.


Video Foal that Asks Who are You??  What are you?

Observe and see what senses this foal employs