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Anakalypsi ανακάλυψη

How and what he thinks he cannot tell us. We can only watch his behaviour, see how they behave together, share what we know of them to begin to understand what is inside. This is where we have to start, because if we don't understand our horses then anything that follows is just a shot in the dark.  We truly can't know if what we are doing is understood by our horses or what is best for them if we don't start here. 

Anakalypsi:  Choosing Us


We may own our horses physically, but why don't we understand that a horse does not understand what "ownership" is?

We research, we ride, we purchase, we ship.  And we expect that he belongs to us now.  How incredibly rude of us.  I own him... he is mine.  Because I decided it.  Because I took these things we call dollars and gave them to his other owner.  Who doesn't own him anymore. And we assume that the horse will concur.  We don't think of his feelings, how he might not only might be unsure but is he possibly in mourning.  If not mourning for his feelings, his trust, for the owner before, possibly his friends in the pasture that he left behind. 

We in our ludicrous self-serving self-appointed ability to own another, we assume that the horse will comply with any/all of our desires or assumptions of what he now owes us.  Some want complete obedience, others want to be liked even loved never considering for a moment that even among horses, some like some better than others.  We may keep him jailed, curtail his ability to leave, keep him with us through force, but we can't force him to like us, to want to be with us, to trust us.

To the horse he only owns that next swath of grass that he is about to chow down on.

  He understands only respect, trust, and partnership.  When a horse willingly chooses to give these to a human, the most incredible feats can be accomplished. It is not too late for your horse to "choose" you.  Investing time in establishing trust will strengthen your partnership.  If you take a few moments to live in your horse's world instead of asking him to live in yours, you will deepen the bond between you.  Don't make every interaction with your horse one where he must work to seek your approval; simply go out into the field and be with him with no expectations of him at all. We may never have the privilege of being chosen in this manner, but we can work to deepen the relationship with the ones we have by remembering that owning a horse does not give us the right to turn "bond" into "bondage."

Would you rather trust your life to a horse that had decided you were his best friend or just one that has to tolerate you, because you bought him?  Because you own him.


We don't realize that we don't, can't own them.  They have their own souls, unique unto themselves.  We treat them like unfeeling, unthinking creatures, expecting that any horse that we buy will be our best friend, will trust us completely, will listen to us 100%, just because.  Just because, why?  We treat them like slaves, forgetting that they think, they feel, they experience pain, and they can experience very close bonds with another.  They are not unthinking or unfeeling robots designed to do what we want them to do, when we want them to do it.  How many problems are there because the rider has not earned trust?  How many problems are there because the owner never went into a field of horses and let the horse pick them?  The horses in the Chosen One series gave their trust instantly.  Why is not so much the question, more that they had and where could that relationship go from there?  They have already shown that things that would normally make a horse feel unsafe with a human, they were happy with.  They have already shown that they were happy to be with the human rather than with another horse.  They chose to be with the human.  They chose to leave the herd.  They chose the rider.


Of course, the idea of giving the horse the freedom to chose is ultimately so dangerous.  Because what happens if he takes us up on that.  What if a day in the future, in the months or years to come, he makes he clear he finally has made a choice and it isn't you he wants to be with.